Heather D. Baker
Assyriology/Ancient Near Eastern Studies
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Research interests

My work focuses on the social, political and economic history and material culture of Babylonia and Assyria in the 1st millennium BC. In recent years I have concentrated especially on the study of Babylonian urbanism and the built environment, and on the Neo-Assyrian royal household.
Babylonian focus
  • urbanism and the built environment
  • religious architecture
  • the house and the household
  • bridging the gap between texts and archaeology  
  • cuneiform archives and archival practice
  • Hellenistic Babylonia (especially the city of Uruk)
  • land survey and metrology
Assyrian focus
  • the royal palace institution
  • onomastics and naming practices
  • social and political history

last updated: 12 October 2015