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    Ruiyuan Xie
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About Myself

Hey I'm Ruiyuan, Nice To See You.

The Name

 It seems a little complicated to pronounce my name for Non-Chinese users, try to read it as “Ray Yuan”. Please try to pronounce "Yuan" as Español flavor if you know some.

 The translation for "Rui" is "智", which means wisdom; for "Yüan" is "有见的", which mean farsighted.

The logo

 My logo is actually my name but in Seal script form. Seal script (篆书) is an ancient Chinese literal that was commonly used in latter half of the 1st millennium BC. This logo (and the name as well) is a gift from my grandfather, who is an engineer and one of the designer of Longyangxia hydroelectric station. He passed away in mid 2018.

The Present

 Currently I'm a senior manager at The Bank of Nova Scotia Global Risk Management Team, job title is Senior Manager of RESL Analytics. My responsibility is to monitor the Real Estate Secure Lending (RESL) portfolio & new origination data based on strategies or policies changing. Please click here for my English Resume (or 中文简历).

The Future

 I'm currently activately looking for a data analytical job in China. Especially a position requiring analytical skills in the financial products or a position from Internet Giants. Eventual goal: a team manager or a specialist of the department.


Skills I Owned

Hive SQL

Deep knowledge on HQL, lead data provider in business intelligence team.


Experience on PySpark, purpose is to extract XML information from HIVE.


Knowledge of HTML and CSS, build this website by myself.


Championship of First GRM’s Data Viz Competition at Scotiabank.

Neural Network

Experienced on CNN, RNN, ResNet, LSTM. Have knowledge of GAN.


Deep knowledge on SAS, lead analyst in strategy/business intelligence team.

Relational Database

Experience on MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza.


Experience on software design (OOD), machine learning, auto-ppt create procedure.

Machine Learning

Experience on machine learning modeling (SVM, Random Forest, MLP, Ada-Boost).

More on the way

Study Harder, Learn More ...


What My Friends Are Saying About Me

“Jacky is my BRO, keep going man”

- Chaio Sun

“Nice design lol, feels comfortable”

- Rongtai

“Good website, ultra violet style.”

- Aaron


For more information, please contact me!

 Tips: Try to contact me by using at least 2 method in case I missed your advices

Canada: Room 2208, 44 St Joseph st, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2W4

Outside China: ryxie.work@gmail.com

Canada: +1 647 879 6072

China: +86 135 0960 5385