Babylon Project Timeline

2026 Space Station Freedom abandoned
2047 Station Prime Completed
2064 Armstrong Colony founded on Moon
2075 Earth Alliance founded as an economic and political conglomerate to colonize Mars
2081 Psi ability confirmed; Earth governments secretly begin tracking telepaths
2090 First Mars Colony founded with 100 men and women
2099 First Mars Colony destroyed
2105 Permanent Mars Colony founded
2107 United Nations disbands in favour of Earth Alliance
2111 Venusian Orbital Station founded
2113 {Centauri occupy Narn}
2122 Earth Alliance formally become the government structure of Earth
2130 Skywalker Asteroid Base founded
2145 Ganymede Outpost founded
2150 San Diego bombed
2152 EarthGov's Committee on Psychic Phenomena becomes Psi-Corps
2153 Long range sleeper ships begin leaving Earth system to explore other stars
2155 Centauri patrol detects Humans; Centauri contact Earth
2156 Centauri jumpgate constructed in Earth orbit
2161 Centauri sell jumpgate technology to humans
2163 Lockheed-Mitchell Corp builds Earth's first jump capable exploration ship
2164 Small orbital station founded in Proxima system
2165 Proxima III colony founded
2169 Proycon II colony founded; disappeared after two days
2170 Mitchell-Hyundyne SA-10 Starfury "Aries" makes its debut at Ross 128
2172 Centauri-Earth border skirmishes begin
2175 Centauri sign treaty with Earth
2176 Orion VII colony founded
2198 Earth Alliance build jumpgate at IO and deactivates Centauri gate in Earth orbit
2200 Mars Colony requests independence from Earth
2209 {Centauri leave Narn}
2215 League of Non-Aligned Worlds is formed
2219 Narn-Earth border skirmishes begin
League of Non-aligned Worlds sets up several colonies on the planet Tighron in the Far'jkad system just past Markab space as joint effort to work together for financially mutual benefit. 
2224 Narns sign treaty with Earth
2230 Dilgar expansion begins
2231 Earth-Dilgar War formally declared
2232 Dilgar defeated
2235 {Dilgar sun goes supernova; Dilgar race exterminated}
2236 A human slaver named Mal di'Dean begins his hunt of sentients, selling his prisoners to the highest bidder in the outer rim.
2238 1st of 5 colonies on Tighron abandoned due to poor economic management and political in fighting. By decades end, 2 more of Tighron's colonies go  bankrupt. Most colonists return to their respective space of origin. Remaining 2 colony cities see a resurgence in growth. It is brief.
2244 1 colony city remains on Tighron, only because the multi-racial populace cannot afford to go home.
2245 Humans meet Minbari; Dukhat killed; Earth Minbari War begins
(In The Beginning - Movie; runs through till 2248)
Attempted assassination of Earth President by Mykel ben Costa, a known terrorist wanted for the murders of many leading corporate citizens, thwarted by Psi-Corps, specifically Jared Leeson rated P-6.
2246 The Aragorn pirates, a mix of many races, lead by a human named Karnak, set up a base in the remains of a mining base on Tighron about 80 KMs south of 'Gravestown.' Become the scourge of the shipping lanes. Casualties are surprisingly light though loss and damage to ships and property is high.
2248 Jared Leeson part of delegation to set up a New Earth colony on Tau Ceti V.
Earth-Minbari War ends after Battle of the Line; Cmdr J. Sinclair, Lt. Cmdr N. Kellar are among the less than 200 EA personnel to survive. President Peter Ashton elected. 
2249 The Babylon Project begins.
Talon Sha'narr of the Stone Pikes clan sent as part of an initial Minbari delegation to Earth. Though there ostensibly to begin negotiations for trade and cultural exchange, Talon's primary mission from the grey Council is to subtly discover signs of more Minbari souls within Humans.
Za'tark of Narn, and her 'mother' Matron join the Aragorn pirates; within 2 years, Za'Tark is Karnak's right hand, leading many a daring boarding action. Matron proves her own worth by passing on useful information to Karnak, helping him to build his criminal empire. Secretly, Matron builds inroads on top of those; being a devoted follower of G'Quan, she fears that the days of darkness will come again.
2250 Babylon Station collapses; Babylon 2 destroyed.
2251 Mars food riots.
In late 51, Della Stephenson rated P-12, after seeing and experiencing the very worst aspects of Psi-Corps manages to escape their clutches, quickly losing herself amongst the underworld.
2252 Babylon 3 destroyed.
Operation Liberation with much Fanfare, lead by Fleet Captain Nigel Kellar successfully seeks out and destroys over 95% of Mal di'Dean's slaver operation. Mal di'Dean however, escapes. Overwhelming success is credited with a united front of both Earth Force and Psi-Corp team work. The lead Psi-Corp operative working with the mission was Alfred Bester. 3 months later the operation is quietly cancelled. 
2253 President Luis Santiago elected.
2254 Babylon 4 goes online and promptly disappears for no explicable reason.
Della Stephenson, the secretary to a small band of raiders begins working for Karnak when the raider group is absorbed into the larger and stronger Aragorn pirates. She proves a more than able administrator and within a few months Karnak's operations are more profitable and safer. She becomes his next Lieutenant and shortly there after, they fall in love.
2255 Minbari are first to officially sign on with Earth for the next Babylon project. Centauri, Narns and finally the Vorlons agree as well. League of Non Aligned Worlds promised a seat on the council.
2256 APR - Babylon 5 goes online
AUG - The first 4 members of the Party come together at the fall of Tighron Base when League forces launch a united attack. Karnak along with most of the base is destroyed.
SEPT - Scroll of Valen recovered by Party and returned to Delenn of Minbar. 
SEPT -Plot to restart Earth-Minbari war averted by party members. Notoriety gained.
OCT - First overtures to incorporate the Fornat people into the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. Effort to overcome their hatred of humans lead by Minbari and Narns, notably Talon Sha'narr and Za'Tark. Fear based on the predations of Mal di'Dean on the Fornat.
NOV - Contact is made with lost Stenron race.
NOV - Jared Leeson arrives at Babylon 5; becomes Rudolph Heins and takes up teaching duties to help build bridges between humanity and the other races by instructing the children of alien diplomats. 
DEC - Demorae of the Moon Shield clan arrives at Babylon 5 to help with the full installation of the Minbari embassy and also to help bridge cultural gaps between humans and Minbari.
DEC - Stenron system contacted via full Bab5 council Emissary misison, comprised of Nigel Kellar, Talon Sha'Narr, Za'Tark as expendable vanguard preperation. It's learned the Stenron were allies of the Minbari, Vorlons and others during the last Shadow war a thousand years ago. Were cut off from the rest of the galaxy as punishment for perceived crimes by the Minbari and others about 500 years ago. Brakiri discovered to have kept the Stenron's existance a secret for the past 150 years or more.
DEC - Demorae, curious about the importance  of the Festival of Christmas, delves into it's cultural significance and becomes Santa-bari; on Dec 25, delivers presents to many of the station's children, rounding off his day with a traditional North American Christmas dinner at Neeoma Connaly's family domicile.
2257 (The Gathering - Pilot episode)
JAN - First officially known meeting between Human and Vorlon.
JAN - Stenron visited by Bab 5 council delegation. Comprised of Nigel Kellar, Talon Sha'Narr, Za'Tark, 'Rudolph Heins' credited with saving his class from a Stenron terrorist faction that wants nothing to do with the rest of the galaxy. So-Called crimes commited by Stenron, discovered to have been perpetuated by Shadow servants.
JAN - Treaties signed with the Stenron.
FEB - Mal di'Dean arrives on Babylon 5 station searching for Della Stephenson and Za'Tark of Narn; both women were high-ranking associates of Karnak.
FEB - Treaties signed with Fornat
FEB - 2nd multiplanetary force created, combined of Humans, Minbari, Centauri, Narns and some members of the League. Their purpose is to stamp out piracy amongst the Bab5 council and League worlds. Lead by re-instated Fleet-Captain N. Kellar,Talon Sh'narr and Za'Tark. Nigel's flagship is the EAS Odysseus.
MAR - This high profile enterprise has much early success specifically the death of Mal di'Dean and his reborn slaver operation, the Fornat adding money the endeavour to help defray costs of returning the kidnapped people back to their respective homes, and the destruction of a raider base in hyperspace that seems to be have been supplied by very wealthy backers. But it also sees the loss of much of the Centauri support with the destruction of the Primus Battle Cruiser Trovhano in a battle against those same unknown raider assailants. Also learned, Karnak is very much alive, but he appears altered...somehow. (NOTE: Trovhano destroyed by Shadow battle-crab. Instance hushed up by request of Delenn. During battle, Minbari Crusier Dral'fi also damaged, but all ships saved when Della and Jared, joining hands, telepathically send at Shadow vessel, telling it to go away! Dral'fi manages to destroy helpless Shadow vessel. Captain and command  staff of Dral'fi killed in attack. Talon elevated to captaincy at Grey council insistance.)
2258 JAN - (Midnight on the Firing Line - 1st season episode)
Mars revolt; President Santiago dies; Morgan Clark succeeds him
2259 First Human ambassador on Minbar; Narns declare war against Centauri; Centauri Emperor dies on Babylon 5; Narn Homeworld bombarded by Centauri - Kha'ri surrenders; Narn becomes subject of Centauri Empire; EarthGov sign non-aggression treaty with Centauri;
2260 President Clark declares martial law; Mars colony rebellion is brutally crushed; Military coup fails; ISN dramatically taken off air; Babylon 5 declares independence from Earth Alliance; Numerous small wars between members of League of Non-Aligned Worlds; New aliens "The Shadows" take advantage of chaos and attack in many regions of known space

With text reproduced from the Babylon Project RPG Rulebook published by Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment, Inc © 1997