The Details

Some things that are true about me...

I’m an ex-patriot

I’m a Californian by disposition

I was raised a vegetarian
but it didn’t take

I’m not always good to myself

I’m a doctor who doesn’t
practice medicine

I believe that I have a soul,
more than that I cannot say

I’m a Johnny

I was born when the sun was towards the end of Leo

I’m the only child of my parents
but not my parent’s only child

I try not to offend against the notions of my neighbors

I prefer to have regret for things which
I have done rather than for things which I have not

I have made more mistakes than I have time to regret

I read my favorite books more than once

I’m rarely satisfied

I know a few things I would like to forget

I have forgotten many things I would like to remember

I wonder about myself

I’m liable to err

I’m not as certain as I used to be

A few of my favorite things...
(some of which are now only memories)

Blackened snapper

Apollonius’s Conics

Huevos rancheros

Art Pepper’s Straight Life

My own straight life

The poems of Dylan Thomas

Certain moments I remember well

A few moments that it’s
a wonder I remember at all

Cogs, chains and cranks

Sour lemonade, cold

Cantor’s diagonal proof that
the real numbers are not countable

Riding fixed gear

Sonnet 94

Cheese soufflé served with raspberry preserves

The songs of Dylan, Cave, Cash, Cohen and Waits

Riding the double yellow line in standing traffic

The sun setting behind the crests
of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew

Coffee, any which way

The sea cliffs of California

The pronouncements of Diogenes, the cynic


My mother’s cooking

The aphorisms of Nietzche

The novels of James Branch Cabell

Elements III, 16

The sun that used to shine when I was a boy

The stories of Lord Dunsany

Pascal’s triangle

Dinner with family and friends

Riding hard in the bracing cold of Toronto’s winter streets

The green chilé at The Horseman’s Haven

The prose of Edward Gibbon



Overpasses, fly-aways and on-ramps

The feel of linen pants in the summer

Créme Brûlè

Snow covered trees in the early morning

Some things I wont miss when I go...

The smell of McDonalds

Reality TV

The empty words of politicians


Butter on my fingers

People who believe that
I should have the same notions
that they have

Clothes with brand names on them


People who complain about things that
are inconsequential or unavoidable

Cheap perfume

Little dogs that yap

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