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Ahmed Hossain
MSc.(McMaster), Ph.D. (University of Toronto).

Professor, Department of Public Health
North South University, Bangladesh.
Director, Research and Development, Health Management BD Foundation.
Director, Global Health Institute, NSU Global Health Institute.

and Canadian Institute of Health Research fellow, McMaster University

1280 Main Street West, Hamilon

ON L8S 4L8, Canada.

Office: + (8802) 5566-8200 Ext. 1936 
Cell:    + (880) 172-937-8236
Fax:    + (8802) 5566-8202
Email:  ahmed.hossain@utoronto.ca


Dr. Ahmed Hossain is an academic biostatistician and an expert in public health, and currently holds the position of Professor in the North South University- Department of Public Health. He is also continuing as a Director of the Global Health Institute at North South University. Dr. Hossain is also a founding board member of Health Management BD Foundation, which helps vulnerable people in the UK and Bangladesh. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto's Dalla Lana School of Public Health in 2010, and was a Fellow at McMaster University of the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR). He also finished his MSc in Biostatistics and Epidemiology in 2004 at McMaster University. Dr. Hossain began his career in 2002 as a lecturer at the University of Dhaka. He has also worked for McMaster University, Ryerson University, and Canada's Pharma Medica Research organization. In developing the field of statistical genomics, Dr. Hossain was mainly instrumental. He has based his current interest on public health research involving migration, disaster and both communicable and non-communicable diseases. To date, more than 40 papers have been published in various international journals by Dr. Hossain. He is also currently the Senior Editor of BMC Research Notes (Springer) and an active member of the editorial board of 3 international peer-reviewed journals. He is also continuing many collaborations at McMaster University, Ryerson University , University of Manitoba, University College of London and Oxford University with clinical investigators, faculty members, and epidemiologists. An R package was developed by Dr. Hossain, which offers an estimate of summary measures and variances on receiver operating characteristic curves that are helpful for high-dimensional data analysis and can be downloaded from Bioconductor.

R Package

An R package, "WLpAUC", was developed for estimating the summary measures of receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and their standard errors. It also provides a statistic of weighted log partial area under the curve. These functions are targeted at the use of high dimensional data analysis. The trial version of WLpAUC can be downloaded from here.

Research Interests

Dr Hossain is currently involved in methodologic research in the areas of high dimensional data analysis and also public health research.

Dr Hossain's current research collaborations include projects in breast cancer and impact of calorie restriction diet on different types of cancers. 

Dr. Hossain is also involve with pharmaceuticle research which includes phase I-IV analysis.

Sample Publications

  1. Hossain, A., Shakil Ahmed, Mohammad Shahjalal, Gias U. Ahsan, (2019) Health Risk of Rohingya Children: Two years on, The Lancet Oct 19, 2019 doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgx126.

  2. Muti P, Donzelli S, Sacconi A, Hossain A, Ganci F, Frixa T, Sieri S, Krogh V, Berrino F, Biagioni F, Strano S, Beyene J (2017) MiRNA-513a-5p Inhibits Progesterone Receptor Expression and Constitutes a Risk Factor For Breast Cancer: The ORDET Prospective Study, Carcinogenesis. Nov 4, doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgx126.

  3. Paola Muti, Andrea Sacconi, Ahmed Hossain, Sara Donzelli, Noa Bossel Ben Moshe, Federica Ganci, Sabina Sieri, Vittorio Krogh, Franco Berrino, Francesca Biagioni, Sabrina Strano, Joseph Beyene, Yosef Yarden, Giovanni Blandino (2014) Downregulation of microRNAs 145-3p and 145-5p is a Long-Term Predictor of Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Risk: the ORDET prospective study, Cancer Epidemioogy and Biomarkers Prevention. Jul;29.

  4. Ahmed Hossain and Joseph Beyene (2013) Estimation of weighted log partial area under the ROC curve and its application to MicroRNA expression data., Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology Dec;12(6):743-55.

  5. Ahmed Hossain, Andrew Willan and Joseph Beyene (2013) A flexible nonparametric approach to find candidate genes associated with disease in microarray experiments, Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Apr;11(2):1250021.

  6. Ahmed Hossain, Andrew Willan and Joseph Beyene (2013) An Improved method on Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Gene selection from Microarray Experiments, Communications in Statistics. Volume 42, Issue 7.

  7. Ahmed Hossain , Dr Joseph Beyene and Andrew Willan (2009) A Flexible Approximate Likelihood Ratio Test for Detecting Differential Expression in Microarray Data, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 53(10):3685-3695.

  8. Ahmed Hossain and Andrew Willan (2007) Approximate MLEs of the Parameters of location-scale Distribution under Type II Censoring, Statistics: A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics, 41(5):385-394.

  9. Balakrishnan, N. and Ahmed Hossain (2007) Inference for the Type II Generalized Logistic Dis-tribution under Progressive Type II Censoring, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 77(12):1013 – 1031.

  10. Ahmed Hossain and T.A.Khan (2010) Mixtures density estimation in lifetime data analysis: an application of nonparametric Bayesian estimation technique Journal of Statistics and Management Systems, 13(3):605-615.

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