Amy Lavender Harris
Centre for Industrial Relations
University of Toronto

Industrial Relations

Environmental Philosophy Work

My scholarly work in environmental philosophy emerged from my PhD work in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. An explanation of the ecophenomenological literature informing this work is found in a comprehensive paper I wrote, titled "Ecological Phenomenology" (clicking on this link opens a Word document).

Other papers: (links open documents in Word format)

Death and Nature in Contemporary North American Culture (2002; 2004)

The Hermeneutically Sealed Coffin: Speculations on the Ecological Politics of Death
Presented at the 2001 Environmental Studies Association of Canada (ESAC) conference, "Ecologies, Identities, and Politics: Environmental Scholarship and the Public Sphere". Congress of  the Social Sciences and Humanities, Universite Laval, 26-28 May 2001.

Death by Another Name / Nature Naming Death: Representing Death as a Phenomenological Experience (1999)

Being Dead: A Phenomenological Grave-Side Enquiry (1998)

Speculations on Death, Pollution, and the Natural Environment

Pastoral Death: Culture, Conceptions of Nature, and Burial Practices (1998)

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