I'm a second year English Major, with two Minors in East Asian Studies and Linguistics.

For more interesting facts about me, here's a short survey.

Name: Amanda

Age: 19

Birthday: October 2, 1982

Birthplace: Ontario

Siblings: Two older brothers, one older sister

Boyfriend: My wonderful Kevin :)

Cultural Heritage: British, Welsh 

Faith: Christian (Anglican)

Favourite Subject: Japanese language

Favourite Prof: Ikuko Komuro-Lee, Matt Kavaler

Movie: Moulin Rouge

Artist: Michael Whelan, Maxfield Parrish

Musical Artist: Enya, Nobuo Uematsu

Historical Heroes: Shakespeare, Beethoven, Rubens

Likes: Anime, 17th century art, languages, literature, travel

Dislikes: Hip hop, rap, cats, spiders