A post-Lucretian faux micro-epic


“All Omnia.”

—Flann O’Brien


Table of Contents


Book 1: Razzamatootie

Book 2: Longitudinal Celestia

Book 3: Astonishing Parades of Nullity

Book 4: Moral Rectumtudes

Book 5: Insanitary Backyard Abstractions

Book 6: Ascendant Rhetorical Simplifications

Book 7: De Binares Natura

Book 8: Pancakes

Book 9: Unanticipated Rest Stops

Book 10: Diverted Divigations

Book 11: Demonic Vistas

Book 12: Oh Yeah!



Book 1: Razzamatootie


Razzamatootie,” Danny Richmond



Canto 1—Chicken Pie


Surprising voice out of clamour’s

jelly roll poultry anthem flags an exact

moment erupting tootie begins.[1]


How can you say that in Latin

when horns and whistles recall

from before a precise buried today?


Exuberance counters the failure

to shed inflicted syntactical devotion

in place of pies where it goes when


tootie being the substantive declension

of razz stumbles out of a previous exile

of insults into the joy of gravy


and thighs, don’t forget thighs

flashing through rhymed proliferation

of bang’s intimate further hope


That’s the tootie again, intractable[2]

adamant beyond imagination’s

admirable reflection of receding bang


big as all git out, further

openings seeming to stutter

of small pies steaming endlessly


When it comes back reclaiming

today, swallows dart through it

still buzzing with Dante’s voice


and swart ships, too, light sodden

air alive with bird song

and goat bells figure a pie


morning cannot surpass in other

mornings and songs of raucous

erectile excitements humming


outside the arras knowing

whatever voyeurs lurk in its folds

will never get it especially given


tootie’s refrain to the effect you should

keep your fingers off the clinamen[3]

unless you’re ready for the ride


Canto 2—Erectile excitements


Helen was another tootie whose

razz launched some surprising

acts out of Schenectady, bygone

eras massed on the verge chanting

her name till the cows came home


Cows here signify large groups

of meaning headed for the nearest

cliff or store window in the quest

Helen bestowed upon erectile tissues

yearning to come forth in shining borders


Sweet showers still ring with buzz

jigs the works toward whatever pilgrimage

can yet be found beyond dollar day

events in shades of dappled green

out the back door past art’s camp


Swell tales of recurrent flow through

old temples now given to tower’s

massive investments erected in names

taut with money’s tumescent tug

still speak of her tattered glory


starved and secretly barfing

in the bathroom in hope past

participles roaming the stretches of words

might open the secret to her

awkward posture and bleeding hands


The shop windows unaccountably

extend around former necessity’s

shredded and unstrung compositions

into shoddy colonnades of erectile razz

swelling with dreams of release


That’s where tootie is known to enter

or what H.D. called a tootie

eidolon,[4] casting its glances hither

and thither with reckless abandon breeding

sprees and spasms wreak havoc


with celestial balance while all along

keeping tumescence in hand tho largely

concealed unless needed to bring democracy

to some parched distant land

clamouring for cheap toilet paper.[5]




Canto 3—Clamour’s anthem


The clash you hear may resemble distant

armies if you squint and ignore synatactical


devotion as it rises tall and stiff against

sea’s undulating dream of further


earful extensions though even then

similarities breed in withdrawing


roar leaves faith to wander forest

whistling My Jellyroll Soul to distant


ocean proclaiming only to hoot[6]

reasonably matches the quiver


factor as it breaks against kiss

scattering with laws of uncounted


melancholy seeds of yet to be

surprised, unmoored razz


bearing extreme instances of promiscuous

sounding’s miscreant repetitions,


damp intimations, and wine dark

eruptions disturb hope’s nagging


insistent claim on laminar nostalgia

afflictions masquerading as cows


on their way home. No kiss can get

you past that[7] and even razz has been known


to throw up hands in gestures signifying

cessation of bovine blundering


while encouraging ambient astonishment’s

random misdirections and indiscrete composure


functions to flourish, all indications

of seduction strategies having registered


insignificant successes unworthy

of uncertainty’s luminous demand


to face the music and lift your feet

to irregular time function’s wiggle insistence.



Canto 4—Inflicted devotions


There’s something to be said


for those silk ropes under the bed

as Susan Sarandon proved unequivocally


with Tim Robbins when he couldn’t get

his fast ball magnificent though it was

over the plate though come to think


of it maybe it was leaves of grass

whose syntax John Winthrop no doubt

would have put in the stocks when it

staggered in from the bush smelling


of razzed out bears and the deep funk

of those pendulous boys though it’s

devotion frankly ups the ante past

pies otherwise friendly game of hold ‘em

to be raised and called beyond any reasonable


exhalation advanced devotions measured

in garlands by the pound might be expected

to bring to the table. Beyond that lies

mere poetry, shooting turkeys and holding

forth in uncommon saloons overcoming

yesterday’s imposition of bound rudiments


in surprising combinatory beauty

mechanisms.[8] The boggle factor binds

art to shop windows and committee rooms

haggling over expected regulation of public

tootie declensions. It’s no place for respectable

intoxicants and random maenads  looking

for a dance, the groves hemmed round


with blatant intimations of animal

departures and fleeing forms of errant

critter logic—infliction honks, a signal

to duck or watch your back when they

gather at the river distributing awards

to well crafted iterations of good old pat

on the back for a job well hung

with all those moving devotions



Canto 5—Joys of gravy


When tootie howls in an Ellington

mood adrift in the stuff of silk

stockings and curling smoke, razz

lays down and weeps for all the lost


and broken pies and gravy

deferred. There’s nothing, he says

a little animal fat won’t make taste

better knowing that’s what you’ve got


to get you through as it feeds

a kind of jubilation oozes

from gashed pies or rises

in song of lush lives lived


in heart of the worst it can

dish out. That’s a different gravy[9]

but there’s a reason trains

hauling it run into an ease


of transaction within the realm

of many gravies surpassing turbid

ebb and flow in a dance along

strands of unanticipated pebble


logic to break with tracks directional

broadcasts permeating moral

rectumtude’s ongoing assaults

on tootie sorrows and shameless


assertions of erectile excitements

armoured assault on wine dark nests

of terror and palpable instance’s

frequent inquisitions regarding


lumpy exterminations and other

interminable interventions

on unanticipated flower responses. Gravy

is as gravy frequently implies


an accessory above and beyond

not to mention within the fact

a veritable bolus appearing ex nihilo

naked, too, and yielding no significant


interpretations, no garlands, and no

feasible means of escaping razz deviations

as they wail and hover rendering

instant’s devotions rich, creamy, and meaty.



Canto 6—Tootie’s refrain


Tutti frutti is another guy altogether, he

lives in a different part of town, the houses

in disrepair though by no means squalid

it lacks the spirit of razz especially

as it becomes Razza’ma of the high

perfect towers and walls that do not

so much keep out as fondle the life

they hold giving it a public shape

in a space of endless pies


It comes down to angle of inclination

implied by tootie’s declension of laminar

strata, a question of kicking a certain

substance into the fan that clicks

away ticking off inconsequential yet

massive formations dwelling

in air infused with the breath

of old spirits murmur within the folds

of moist caverns opening tenuously

to their touch and cascading home


Little rootie tootie on the other hand

kicks ass big time, sharing the void

razz introduces in Epicurean echo

dances to loosen inflicted devotion

arising from too little space

to move, a neutron star like condition

also known as antirazzification[10] to open

all possible temporal calibrations

blowing the time dam with tea for two


The concentration of erectile excitements

tips longitudinal celestia into unstable

but firm configurations of toroidal

variance[11] meanwhile leaving displaced

damp paradaisal intimations in compromising

positions to fend for themselves

outside sheets of laminar forbidding

with hardening knowledge of pulse Walt

found in the sea over and over till water

we are laughs and yields its breaking


Book 2: Longitudinal Celestia


Canto 7—On earth

for John Clarke


The question of direction along barrel

of world’s unlikely toroidal motion

confounds business of usual exchanges

within given walls calculated

to minimize the risk sideways

glances introduce to Newton’s dream


Who knows who’s really beside you

at the dinner table is a question

easily answered only by those

without the sense to go out

in the rain where falling heavens

ante up damp paradaisal intimations


Push against your feet ratchets

up the stakes while further deliberations

anticipate unlikely guests and Walt’s

sea in all its wavy insistence refusing

to be mere instance much less

reference calls into question wet


William Harvey, 1651, notes pulse

and substance form together,[12] first

life in stuff beating, but why not

beat stuffing, as if that whole

wave and particle thing[13] hadn’t

happened or the mere memory of sublime


tootie apparitions taking the top

off the works and dumping you

head first out there with Pip[14]

contaminates instance’s demand

for attention constricted to non-

resonating Yankee rock pile, whatever


sequel invention dances out

of its countless chambers to whirl

in a swirl of Ellingtonian swing

repercussions continue to register

across a wide swath of the floor

sweeping us off our feet into arms


of earth’s non-harmonic vibratory dip

and up like the white knight in the looking

glass lifting off and returning with all

kinds of junk and occasional damp

intimations of wave’s further

longitudinal irregularities beyond wet




Canto 8—Usual exchanges

            —for Ed Dorn


Three years after George W. Bush Jr.

admitted before the world there were no

weapons of mass destruction thus

exposing the great lie he had used

to unleash uncontrollable blood letting

on a people who founded human

civilization more Americans than ever

just stated their belief the war was necessary

to eliminate said non-existent weapons


Is this a case of civilization’s auto-cannibalistic

destiny, some final withering of the flower

rooted in Enkidu’s seduction in a vast

settling into glazed eyes and inextendible

declensions of harmonic vistas all git up

in purple mountain’s kick ass majesty

fluttering diaphanously around lady

liberty’s surgically augmented charms

designed to excite maximum national

tumescence in really tight jeans?


The Battle Hymn of the Republic

was pretty hard, too, and Onward

Christian Soldiers caused more swelling

than your typical school board

was comfortable with though seven

year olds exposed to coming operations

in inflicted devotions and armed Jesus

penetrations within hallowed equestrian

intimations could already hear falling

towers symphonic ode to democratic


missionary position’s inevitable viral

rendition of Bend Over, World

banging around in Sousa modulated

regulatory rhythms designed to synchronize

boogie apparitions and tootie declensions

into simulated gravy unum arrangements

of formerly pluribus tainted wiggle

contamination’s multiple pie orgies

and shameless adoration of erupting

hoots and jelly roll funk declarations.



Canto 9—Falling heaven’s ante


—for Richard Rathwell


Are you in or out is not just a question

Savonarola might have put to that

Sforza guy[15], thus laying groundwork


for endless variations to proceed

until face to face with Bob

Dylan[16] or at least someone who seems


to sing like that in a sentence he had

never anticipated he removes

the stick from his posterior apparatus


and gets down. Getting down is connected

to rain just as in and out tends toward

unalloyed speculation on possible


position’s relative razz factor and slippage

as more than an accident of broken

or misplaced traction. Ante suggests


the green shade over heaven’s eyes

is not simply a sign, thus converting

sensible representations into footwear


appropriate for terrain widely considered

to violate consensual practices banned

in Texas where rain is not known


to go out much thus raising eyebrows

as to its preferences behind the famous

door where it has been said unspeakable


damp intimations occasionally

cohabit in specific postures outlawed

in various Christian republics and less


sanitary public washrooms.[17] Bob says

God, you must be putting me on

and Savonarola searching the sky for signs


of rain while not concurring

seems to indicate he’d be happy to jump

ship of only he could get down


and out sans brolly to boogy till the cows

passed by in paradaisal accumulations

of relaeased damp domos variations.




Canto 10—Temporary concilia


Whatever measure you bring to this

odd business of coming and going and

going and going it’s never less than

that brush of wings against your cheek[18],

concilia, yes, sweet as late season peaches

just as briefly implicated in fortunate

reversals and untended patches

of extraordinary stones, each ablaze

with singular flame only they know

in their hard, bounded tongues emptied

of all spurious intimations of punctual

harbinger’s artifice’s dolled up

majesty and laurel load


Left to its own devices it begs the question

for more sustained suspensions, more

interrogatory essences distilled into flight’s

fancy toroidal arabesques and distant

aberration’s unlikely combination’s refusal

to stoop to explanatory degradation

when pleasure of having met belly

up to the bar cannot be measured

in terms other than irrefragable

and evanescent quotidian dado possibilities

multiplied by unique combinatory

beauty mechanism’s unlikely articulation

and stunned repetition formula’s ever-shifting

arrangements of evaporating razzamatootie.[19]


Big bang instigations expanding pie

vectors spin katastematic pleasure[20]

functions past stabilizing foundation

dreams into restless assurances

of ordinary’s expanding articulation

into Emersonian jelly roll funk

eruption’s artesial voice intimation

that plain old you and me.[21] Smoke

and mirrors ain’t the half of it if

you take into account tootie calibrations

and post-quantum bop time wine dark

delta broiling with flows multiple

and magnificent, so that even stones

openly speak of variable distances.




Canto 11—Tenuous domains of unstable weather


The laughter of streaming water

is a language only available


during tenous domain’s unstable

weathers concoct in the night drifts


through our eyes bearing shadows

unlikely promise of alien intrusions


at the dinner table and unexpected

outcome’s provocation within exceeded


bounds former notation of rescripted

hoots and hollers, church within


a church Zinzendorf called his damp

paradaisal intimations of modalities


of love and its feasts[22] extending

angular domestications past longitudinal


distortions inevitable declensions

of razz into effusively executed


instances of fulsome prison human

blues till human already up


against the wall wheels about

belting out a raucous rendition


of Auld Lang Syne only to find

the screws vamoosed, the door


wide open and all time spilling

out in a swirl of restless tempos


scatter across crumbling ground 

hotly pursued by the vanishing point


and its posse of substantive interrogations

demanding to know who did it, who


might have done it and when it will be

O.K. to declare victory and get the hell


out of the range home once claimed

now crawling with irregular devices.




Canto 12—Inextendible paths backwards


They’re backward because forward

as a state seceded and regrouped

as some forsaken accumulation

of large wooden horses bearing

geeks gibbering blithely of soft

wet reception’s flowers and chocolate

and large groups of desert dwelling

Kantians doing the Wave

across Arabia Felix[23]


What a moment that was, light

everywhere, your honey reasonable

as hell and all the world laid out

in squares at your feet, the path

to the stone shining numbers

cross your heart blues recalling

inevitable resolutions bearing distant

formulations of numerical relations

hot diggety vanishing dog


In any case if it’s all a collusion

deluded of trees, then angle

of declension fouling innermost

lingering glimmer as it casts

about in tightening spaces

seeking remains of last stand

in images of tootie formations

is commensurate to any stuttering

whirlwind they can conjure[24]


The vanishing point meanwhile

having bit the big one exits

stage right half the furniture

in tow leaving not only certain

exposed intimations of damp

smelly heavens contesting with busted

up bits of former landscape replete

with bovine verisimilitude’s ungulate

relation to scenery but baring


in process luminescent deceptions

stalking in the wings where free

floating unlinked copies do the soft

shoe off stage in orders leave

old ways looking vaguely

dazed among crumbling scenarios

invariably wretched memories of last

Sunday’s frozen T.V. dinner increasingly

fraught over hapless foundling destinies




Book 3: Astonishing Parades of Nullity


“No one speaks English and everything is broken.”

                     —Tom Waits 


Canto 13—Time


Each time is the time and no reach

can reach beyond walls decreed out

of declensions of razamatootie warp


its woof. Now Guelph now Ghibilene now

chicken pies till the cows come home now

nothing but Africa’s agony sold


into servitude no pie can surmount. Poor

Dante, trudging those gorgeous hills

the poem unwinding through shattered


laminar dreams of home and parades

of nullity testifies luck of the draw

is no patsy you can bull around


like some tootie in a bad movie

about unforeseen collisions of collateral

passion leading inevitably to whatever


end dictates pieces’ facile arrangements

in baggy justice ignores cracked stones

hieroglyphic telegraphy regarding


ice’s attitude in certain circumstances

toward whatever gets in its way. Living

in its shadow did the fools have a harder


time breeding wars out of dead brains

fantasy of mass destruction’s inevitable

materialization in instruments of razzle


dazzle degrades razz into one more

disposable instance of insatiable blank

gaze sustained by moral rectumtude’s


laminar formations of well-armed

stupidities? It slaps against rocks now

still smelling of ice, speaking of old


tongues’ lugubrious interventions

in ethereal buzz nourishes stars

with lapping laughter rolls in


unreckoned in nets of advanced

rigamarole bedecked with whatever

garlands currently are on sale[25]



Canto 14—Declensions of razamatootie


Should have known the deviation

would enter as soon as moment’s walls

breached through obscure back door given

Dolphesque clamour contaminating best

laid attempts to reform razz’s tootie calibrations

into spread sheets when unexpected corners

requiring star nourishment merely to hold

out against recurring laminar fantasies

resembling crowds of cows on their way home[26].


Deviating cows largely occur at

inopportune moments, moments whose walls

have suffered irreparable structural

contamination leaving them gasping for a return

to good, honest derazzified erections

contained within generation’s non-ethereal

hump necessities blessed by reference

to tracks inalienable discretion along

line of least insistent bovine infatuation

until even home itself arrests no fine tooth cows[27].


Expansion as general modus operandi

resonates at extreme frequencies even

Buzz Corey[28] often interpreted as alien

along the lines of Philip K. Dick’s pink

beam[29] and ensuing cellular nova states’

alteration of both the void and the thing’s

ever receding dance’s Epicurean wiggle

factor incursions as they spin nebular

arms out to embrace  dark matter’s

unaccountable proclivity toward grace.


Such pleasures as Tuscan hills offer

their towers rising amid clouds of swallows

punctuate Dante’s stern voice as it soars

polyphonically accompanying dreams

of damnation and tender young promise

of roseate salvation’s damp paradaisal

fig intimations but all dolled up

in white and various belts of pure

non-deviating cincture vectors leaves

heaven ensnared in dehydrating enclosures.



Canto 15—Moment’s walls


Falling towers mark evaporating

image seeds and whole worlds drifting

into the rafters to dissipate among

dreams cut loose from any sense

of common destiny and binding

intimations of wine dark exteriorities

against swelling sea Walt wrote

out of and equal to in diversion’s

corrosive sublimation of further pulse


What sneaks in wrests incalculable distance

from bounded forebodings of Yankee rock

pile walls criss-crossing demonic

vistas with non-resonating matrix

incursions. Also known as Henry’s

nick,[30] it doles out dolor along with steaming

pies as if hoot inflections simply marked

ever shifting edges of incommensurable

celestial middle passage’s non-stop


devouring promise’s end of any human

sheen, that last lingering insistence

on Vanishing Point’s claim to reach

some edge within which massive exports

of freedom and democracy fall like pennies

over parched lands and inverted brolly

injunctions[31] ring from shining shore

to promised lands’ insouciant hope

antidote while outside with all that


teeming and unsanitary anti-regulatory

infection dances madcap red masque hoedowns

to demonic Bob Wills fiddles. Wanting

for nothing leaves inert dreams enthroned

and confounds hell’s clamour at gate

of further indications, dampening

hoot burst’s temporal expansion

involuntary ejaculatory response

screeches with harmonic mechanisms


polyunsaturated equalities and intentional

gestures of goodwill so that moment’s

walls then rise square and straight

as a Moose Jaw optometrist leaving

unsecured angular aberrations adrift

and subject to moral rectumtudes

outraged accusations of preternatural

posturing’s wanton metaphysical

sodomite violations of temporal purity.



Canto 16—Shattered laminar dreams


All because you can’t keep your fingers

off the damn thing[32], twiddling when you

ought to be focused on getting

balanced columnar irrelevancies aligned

with neo-traditional harmonic preservations

of past participle’s dehydrated tootie principle.[33]


Descending into unrequited dreams

of democratic vistas I turns and watches

itself turn into recollected bits

and pieces, that old gathering all dolled up

in frilly declensions of frock logic

implying substantial accumulations


of unlikely veritas mirages shimmering

across highway might amount to more

than proverbial hills’ consequent emission’s

banal exhalations and odd lexical

conglomerates. So much for lyrical

braces and wine dark celestial


contractions resembling climactic stellar

spunk gushes which up and walk

out in a tiff of offended poetic

sensibilities trailing clouds of metonymy

and metaphorical solemnity behind

firmly held instruments of polite


well-groomed discourse.[34] Stable exclamations

of approval whine that vatic violations

of agreed upon silence’s dampening unum

compulsions demanding civil and sober

Ken and Barbie gallery politess as a pre-requisite

for disposition of art booty


to duly sponsored dissident calculation

and efficiency zombies elevates intoxication

beyond acceptable hygienic norms as determined

in units of degrees Calvin. Absolute zero

in this frame radiates through sobriety

guaranteeing mediocre ascensions


and countless reassuring pats on the back

asserting that disturbances of unrestrained

and frankly rude incursions of sybilline static[35]

along the line of least recurrent lexical implosions

and neutron star-like articulations of immediate

chthonic densities will be expelled immediately.




Canto 17—Collisions of collateral passion


The lost worlds of Ellington bang

and knock against young grumbling

reluctant to move beyond disposable

regimes of discounted anger repackaged


in razzle dazzle corruptions of simulated

gravy’s unconscionable dreams of doggy

hotels replete with heated pools, feather

beds and five star meals. Whole worlds


fade and stumble and music that cleared

the sky for further incursions of time

formations seeding tomorrow with razzified

tootie precipitations is relegated to the back


of forgotten drawers along with the Paris

Commune and 1968. Unpremeditated acts

of lascivious mediation elevate otherwise

deferred buzzing porne  constitutions


to unsettled proclamations of emancipatory

Walden apparitions etched in evaporating

moments’ residual streams of tears

and exclamations of damp, cellular contractions


the pulse situated in molecular reformation

extracting itself in resonant imbroglios. Razz

rises among the ashes howling for Tootie to join

him in bang’s lingering vibratory sub-woofer


wiggle instigation, the sub-voce of dark

matter’s night song, its inter-stellar hoochy

coochy croon and together they burn

across indigo skies making no claim on further


swaths, lighting the aether  with veils of flickering

vanishing acts and pointless pirouettes etching

unpremeditated figures of  confusing and sometime

boring anti-veritas incursions.[36] Meanwhile back


beckons as always, not toward erotic

combustions as they configured antic mind songs[37]

among bedraggled intimations of further

worlds in ordinary time, but as intensity’s


demand for original and unique statements

of navel’s singularly specular claim to precious

formulations designed to satisfy editorial demands

for pre-established anti-thinking satisfactions[38].




Canto 18—Weapons of mass razzle dazzle


Further unraveling notations to the contrary

opens a final movement of temporary

concilia extracted contra natura and with

living memory’s sad arrangement of once again

down the garden path of unnoticed

coercions and inflicted devotions all dolled

up in erectile excitement’s tales of current fashion


Exporting democracy in this sense amounts

to proverbial hills’ consequent exhalations

augmented with rhetorical simplifications

unerring garble factor frequently adorned

with floral imagery and intense metaphorical

turns down picturesque lanes crowded

with cows. Coming as no surprise


coagulating meaning interrupts attempts

at diverting seamless instances vanishing

resistance, swelling with untoward

admonitions regarding market based

truth disseminations and general gas

emissions strapped into pilot suits

and parachutes buckled up to maximize


bulging crotch testimonials to presidential

manhood’s assurance erectile certitude’s

control systems are go[39]. The contribution

of rolled socks to visual signals heavy

breathing invocations and massive

unipolar instrumentalities cannot

be detailed due to stabilized embargos


of veritas incursions and vino revelations

also known as consensus expulsion’s

daily reality pie served up steaming

and ready for instant consumption

with your venti de-caf non-fat

latte. The unavoidable passing away  of tens

of thousands of Iraqis while in pursuit


of democratic vistas ineluctable

calculations of packaged benefits

accruing to deal’s apotheosis in unlimited

deposits of material substantive’s market

values should be understood strictly

in terms of pagan exchange’s weight

function in the glimmering scales of capital.



Book 4: Moral Rectumtudes


“If I knew for certain that a man was coming to my home with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life.” 

                     —Henry David Thoreau, Walden.



Canto 19—Banal exhalations


What smells is not so much the carcass

too long in last light’s dwindling


thermal emissions as leaking remnants

of last year’s guaranteed certitude


regarding fallacious combinatory

agent’s power to transubstantiate


proverbial hills’ porne emissions

into consecrated exhalations of meat free


orders of non-messy, moistureless

luv zombies.[40] The incidence of reflection


declines proportionately to the magnitude

of density of simulated angelic


stabilizer mass. Then doing good looks

like a cement truck, but all cleaned up


and decorated with transcendent

meditative reflections of quick set


dreams harbouring secrets of Jimmy

Hoffa’s ultimate proclivity towards unrequited


vanishing points’ inestimable determination

of frequently forgotten foundational


inclusions  on which erections of grand

filigreed splendor rest sure in evasions


of interrogatory penetrations might

otherwise reveal deeply contaminated


confusions and boring absence

of intensities bind bones and other


materials quietly vibrating to messages

reeking of Sirian business in stable


formations suitable for large scale exterior

extensions and vibratory excitement


suppression architecture’s spatial

resemblance to big box store injunctions


to forget any awkward claims of reason

beyond lower taxes’ sacred compulsion status.



Canto 20—Just say no


After having said it does the contraction

protect essential pre-existing lack


of circulation from the threat expansion

or hidden signals in dark matter’s


background radiation[41] designed to seduce

even the most wary and unspoiled


into degrading and compromising positions

pose to anti-hoot arrangements and ongoing


suppression of erupting gravy celebrations

and pie in the face mitochondrial destiny


determinations? On the other hand

offers at least a refraction of broken


but persistent inclinations leading

down and possibly out of badly wallpapered


containment strategies all dolled up

as collective agreement on homeward’s


inevitable prize for bold poetic

expression. Unauthorized abandonment


of powerful metaphoric necessities

result in automatic benching


and compulsory excision from lists

of approved teaching tools, thus elevating


Urizenic two step inhibitory exclusion

compulsions which eloquently declaim


rational critical principles’ defense

of bovine intentions even as they fade


into knowing what they like[42] along with

vanishing point’s undeclared but violent claim


on corners, shadows, and spatial torsions

twist tootie’s arm up and back until all


multiversal emissions and universal boundary

leakages are recontained within eternal uncle.




Canto 21—The war on everything bad


The unum reflex mode eliminating

pockets of resistance and promising as many


chickens as your little pot can hold

and supersized helpings of genuine simulated


gravy and biscuits stipulates various lexical

formations identified as undermining


martial determination’s bulging crotch

regulatory compulsions will be bound


blindfolded to predetermined sticks

in the mud and subjected to multiple


indignities including arbitrary assertions

of sleeper cell infections wired up to direct


pre-frontal insertions of lyrical intensities

draped in morose or alternately ecstatic


you fill in the blank declensions of I

metaphorically amplified to resemble


the vanishing point dressed in trench

coat and more than happy to reveal


well-hung inclinations toward self

exposure as a matter of unquestionable


faith in the inevitable conquest of spatial

aberrations as part of the overall program


of landscaping the way down to look

like a Wal-Mart parking lot. Heavily armed


cows provide more than adequate

security and are perfectly willing to assist


the rerouting of unauthorized violations

of intense word configurations back into first


knee jerk disposition toward what they know

they like, a kind of ungulate cud insistence


on eliminating eruptions of razzed out

lexical deformations known to be inimical


to image formations bearing assurances

the war on everything bad starts here



Canto 22—Hanging Saddam


The marriage of justice and payback in popular

determinations of repeated rolling heads


garners huge ratings and deep satisfactions

regarding successful prosecution of vague


wars guaranteed to achieve protected

shopping environments except occasionally


in Salt Lake City. Random acts of terror

can be differentiated from large groups


of cows on their way home by the way

the dangle proceeds and whether or not the head


detaches due to gravity’s weakened

but never the less sufficient force


as it traverses adjacent multiverses[43]

inundating local key lime cheesecake


with just enough juice to keep it

steady. This is not a case of Billie’s


strange fruit since that lacks entrepreneurial

deregulated bonding formations


in defense of unum  regulations and pale

not as it marks off barbarous incursions


from imperial century projects but as a sign

of a dream of undiluted Lawrence Welk


variations permeating the aether and leaking

from star to star. Similarities, however,


include pendulous consequences[44]

beyond undulating afterthoughts


as they burst into the street in flows

of incommensurable righteousness claims


while visions of Viva el Muerte,[45] a dark

dude last seen haunting the site


of poetry’s bloody demise, trip delicately

around hilltop oracular expulsions.[46]



Canto 23—Inordinate concupiscence


The number of times per week varies

according to availability of post-quantum

indwelling chronos circulations.[47] Half


past one struggles for release into deciduous

adumbrations of unspeakable proclivities

toward temporal profusion’s post-meridian


quickies. But it don’t mean a thing if

machinic synchronization brings

agreement to sway majestically


detached from whim’s vulgar propensity

to breed in dark corners.[48] There’s no

accounting for the taste of seminal


extrusions as they emit morphogenetic

vibratory seduction waves, promising

non-obligatory nooners as a pardaisal


option to papal visions of pre-Cartesian

hunk-dory. Fleeing numbers note

breached boundaries have increased


desperate retrenchments of ordinal

derazzification rendering laminar

equilibration thick and chunky to eyes


hungry for scalar ascension’s salacious

hankering after tidy outcomes

of a profitable nature.[49] Skulking


past interminable clarities of duplicitous

insertions leaves untold anxious

diversions counting on willful blindness


as an oracular correspondence to belted

purities of singular affirmations. Countless

damp, hot provocations to the contrary


indicate stiffening approaches to numinous

openings of a delicate nature may succeed

in asyntactical violations[50] celestial lockdown


counts among hardest cases of wild

intimations’ assault on self-contained

instances non-reflective happily-ever-afters.


Canto 24—Wobbling Columbian recession


The agony of an untoward estimation

seems overwrought in the light of further


defenestration undertakings. The Columbians

have receded and this fact establishes


beyond itself suggestions of secession’s

pellicular threat emissions as means


of instant mass emulsification into renditions

of hallelujah chorus rewritten in colour


coded assurances everything will soon be under

the gun will continue abated by regular


announcements to the contrary. Deciduous

alarms signaling all clear conundrums


leave bend-and-kiss protocols to fend for

certain trains of thought[51] while maintaining


awkward postures grievous defense against

darker, hirsute bearers of unwelcome


signifiers from shady pasts and parts unknown

to the Project Managers. Aberrant frequency


variations then invade the viral stabilizer and all hell

breaks into antiphonal choruses[52] till wobbling


differentials collapse returning monophonic

rectitude to threatened proliferations of unregulated


captivation. The damage having been

introduced to its own devices recalls


poultry paeans and hoot eruptions from dim

recesses of razamatootie continues to buzz


under the radar of archonic inhibitory

advisories[53]. But broad strokes leave them


reconfigured in extreme extenuations resembling

uninvited guests lined up to cart off the gardening


and dishwashing work while leaving

the Vanishing Point hog tied and sodomized.[54]



Book 5: Insanitary Backyard Abstractions



Canto 25—With liberty and justice for all


The descent’s gradual revelation occurs

not in topographical inclinations


leading predictably to pits and scatological

revelry rendered in armed image


excursions through typically pornophobic

relish.[55] Verbal litter marks the way


crumpled words sticky with a sheen

of distantly remembered gravy long


gone to sedimentary encrustations

and the rise of discursive zombie apparati


resembling Mel Gibson three sheets

to the wind and holding righteously


forth on theological subtleties of liberty’s

glorious guarantee of sugar tit floozy


regulatory temptation opportunities.[56]

Who winds up there anticipates


heavily armoured engineering assaults

on pools of words drained and reclaimed


for development by veritas platforms

and unum foundations seeking coherence


amid the spent and steaming lexical heaps

deposited consequent to arguing declarations


of bovine independence and constitutional

demands for tax relief. It does get


darker,[57] though no rational cow

would ever confuse that with objective


correlatives or metaphorical confusions

of vehicular ontology. Home, after all,


is where the heart is served up stewed with local

root veggies according to neo-traditional


recipes approved by health officials and listed

as nutritious and safe for mass consumption.[58]



Canto 26—Freedom fries


The grease no doubt remains the same, thick

with the stench of saturated rhetoric

and two or three centuries worth of armed

eliminations dressed up in a two

thousand dollar suit and looking good

enough to instigate endless debates

in which both sides agree to implement

binding parades of nullities on all parties

preceding universal declarations of victory.[59]


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness show up

disguised as Larry, Curly, and Moe doing

passable imitations of Dubya, Dick and Condi

dolled up as the four horsemen of the apocalypse

minus one. Subsequent developments

lead to lewd brouhahas in which scarlet

pimps[60] demand legislative transmogrifications

of spit swapping into liberty kisses and a certain

sexually transmitted unspeakableness


into the democracy disease.[61] Not to be out

done in Gallic exclusionary purification

extractions, large parties of spontaneously

armed men with beards and baseball caps

reluctantly leave big sky country aiming

to pull down that freedom whore[62]

eastern bastards have set up in New York

harbour like some giant hollow horse

and send the bitch back where she


came from, or better yet load her up

in a B-52 and drop her on the camel

jockeys. In quick succession beans, bread,

cuffs, salad dressing, horns, and toast

are rounded up in a dragnet and marched

blindfolded into the U.S. Congress

where they are piled on top of each other

in a pyramidal lexicon of Gaulish


derived linguistic sleeper cell intent

stripped naked and subjected to various

cavity searches while the pursuit of happiness

looks on in august and judicious disinterest

till Moe pops him up side the head and War

ever the joker, instigates a vast and proliferating

entanglement emanating beyond bulging

crotch solutions’ leave the whole apparatus

dangling limply while freedom fries.



Canto 27—Democratic vistas


Somewhere near the bottom in spite

of de Crevecoeur’s mediated farmer’s

spotless Sunday buckboard theological

declarations of dissipated castle formations,

polyunsaturated fats render whatever

Ellingtonian dreams arose from street’s

impeccable beat[63] into harbingers of clogged

but inexpensive cornucopia delusions

mounted on truck frames and guaranteed

to wipe out anything gets in their way.[64]


Hell’s hand basket is paved with bovine

intentions aligned in egalitarian lattice

structures.[65] The way home then looks

both ways before crossing but often

misses erratic diversions and random

violations of anticipatory conclusion

jumping which bears down on pedestrian

declarations and constitutional delusions

with all the fury of unleashed

intimations of recalcitrant elitist laughter.


Finding your way through all that tenacious

closure and endless resolution

while attending to perennial Clanton’s

lurking in the bush or outside

the window[66] declaiming virtues

of unrestricted access while looking down

barrels aimed at your back in the name

of equality’s guaranteed dream of hand

in hand down primrose lane toward shining


futures often leaves you at a loss

for alternatives to wild-eyed declarations

of infernal eruptions. Meanwhile some enfant

sauvage dances in the gutter grinning

sadly and pointing a blue stained finger

at a large concatenation of cows fending

off errant instabilities and tootie outbursts

with rousing choruses of home on the range

while resolutely insisting further operations’

elimination functions are good to go.



Canto 28—The Right to Closure


When it entered the list of human

rights, Razz was tempted to revert

to atavistic behaviours, having been bathed


in caustic imperatives and the prose

of Gilbert Sorrentino, no quarter

given as they said at the Alamo,


and none accepted, it seemed strange

given all the dead, the incommensurable

pain of those with indelible memories


of small dark rooms and strategically

applied currents, and the sheer magnitude

of unrestrained violence unleashed to return


discipline and neatness to world tottering

on the frightening verge of unstable

circulations of chaotic generosity and rogue


waves of selfless caring that closure

could seem anything other than a brutal

illusion of determined deflections designed


to nurture ongoing hallucinations

of apocalyptic heaven fixes and intimations

of immortality’s unlikely con. The Sense


of an Ending stands up and cheers

for the home team as they straggle

by in ungulate bliss, udders adrift


in milky intimations of barnyard

manipular relief mechanisms and oneric

pancake formations, mistaking serial


hoof reflexes for ontological trajectories

and yet another declaration of victory

snatched from defeat’s recurrent, puzzling


eruption into lingering dreams of Israelite

protection racket insinuations of recycled

glory and rivers of unrighteous blood


spilled in name of paternal formations’

insistent demand for final elimination

of resistant unresolved sub-dominant chords.



Canto 29—The defining conflict of our time


Chronologic assumptions of possessive

facticity punctuate conflicts laying claim

to insurmountable stabilities of in the first

place as a vegetative contraction known


to take a figurative chain saw to actual

axis mundi leaving oozing amputated

stump to hobble to court on time

to lay charges. The charges accumulate


rapidly reordering bipolar extenuations

into a sudden oracular point carves

out narrowing path into the mouth

of an hospitable interpretation function.


The way out limps, staggers, stutters

singing past that, relocating the point

in choral arrangements leave it

sprouting up all over the place in stumped


interrogatives. What defines the conflict

then insists that our time is not the place

we think it as while the conflict itself

contests any further implications rendering


infernal assessments of current events

beyond nightly reportage into desperate

terminations. No recognizable

adumbrations ameliorate predictable


protests limiting definitions to pellicular

amputations. Meanwhile Tootie

stirs the dark toward prepositional

ascensions designed to increase blood


flow engorging the night, hoping

some further interstitial encounter

might alter oracular confirmations


of faulty definitions. But Our Time getting

hincky insists it has never been complicit

in unregulated penetrations of damp

quiddities and quickly slams the door shut.



Canto 30—Oracular confirmations


Sudden scheduled eruptions of veritas

confirmations emerge regularly in exchange

of orange blossom’s smudge pot deal.


Wild affirmations have been known to contradict

it against the better judgment of sundry

Managers, but no amount of equivocation


leads irresistibly to unforeseen crises

of intense foundational acquiescence. When

the bottom falls out, finding another


requirement for eruptive origins resists

quotidian serial aversions that might lead

otherwise past its conflicts into assertions


of unlikely lubricitous couplings’

smoke hole implications and unexpected

temporal variances leading beyond


into arrangements recognizable

for their partiality to provisional

insertions. Oral interaction lays


claim to escaping jail shame

erects in the wake of cows on their way

home but unconfirmed reports of alien


exigencies billowing in the draft

of excess expectations to the contrary

tend to evaporate in the absence


of textual materialization lost in typically

sulfurous thermal emissions of oracular

flatus associated with homeland


security. The Vanishing Point then enters

accompanied by fanfare and incense

blessing those gathered to celebrate


the immaculate knowledge of nothing

further all the while issuing

assurances regarding the integrity


of the levees as outlined in various reports

to the Project Managers who eagerly

declare victory before turning out the lights.



Book 6: Ascendant Rhetorical Simplifications


Canto 31— The cows almost come home


Funny how the cows got in[67] and wouldn’t

stop whatever insistent blundering

coagulated  ungulate ganglia  might seem

to propose in non-resistant telic dreams


Like everything else, it boggles various

unsettled accumulations of dear or

familiar trauma encrusted with

sedimentary  determinations of self


congratulatory art tumescence.[68] Hardness

is a sign of home just as cows

can be counted on to mount

further endeavours in interest calculated


in compounded goal lines. It confounds

the ordinary, leaving it bleeding

in some filthy alley where cows usually

can’t be bothered to slow down


having once again caught scent of accumulated

posterior emissions marking home’s

dedicated inclination toward familiar

and dear formations of hollow horses


aligned in neo-Aquinian salvation

promissory instigations[69] to embrace

non-promiscuous relational faith

certainties in face of unpredictable


pulsations arising somewhere on

the other hand and rolling ashore

in lugubrious intimations of unnamable

stellar contractions seminal infestation


of dark matter’s mysterious wave

function[70] giving rise to yet another

long shriek of alien enthusiasm denoting

further incursions of oh yeah and obscene


variations of modal instabilities’ repeated

insensitivities to demands for textual

intensities designed to close the barn door

with feeling and minimal discursive digressions.



Canto 32— Homeland Security


What they lock you up for doesn’t know

how it’s done, that casual agreement

along lines of least insistent intimation’s

paradaisal wresting away of some

hammered thing into arrangements

of large wooden horses bereft of modal

variance’s and finitude’s wet lips.


Then there’s the lingering question of clasm’s

derivation among emergent properties

and territorial claims surreptitiously indicated

in control driven anti-razzification

procedures designed to turn icons into elected

levee formations cows can comfortably

graze behind when the going gets tough


and the tough get refocused on pellicular

variations of shading as a matter not

so much of intelligence as necro-modal

cartological certainty formations

all dolled up in sleeper-cell intimations

of alien intent to blow up fields

of dreams, convert the converted and remove


all Christmas trees from department

stores and malls thus leaving shopping

utterly bereft of divine consequences

and legally binding hope claims.  Blanket

declarations assuring colour coded

determinations of unsurpassable peace

estimations echo in vast well-lit


homilies to reasoned harmonies and dancing

images pre-approved for  distribution

in democratically determined election

booth’s reorganization of titular reigning

nominal claim to spatial stacking along lines

of least resistant expression quoeficient.

Ensuing states of security appear in white


robes intoning four-part harmonic paens

to last year’s garden as it rises in oneric

mists claiming singular status as non-reflective

image while jumping the queque everyone

thought indicated orderly evacuation procedures

before bend-and-kiss protocols kick in.[71]


Canto 33— Building a hopeful world


Well, there is a certain poignant almost

wistful where wist spreads out like fog

at Gilmore California and the cows

almost home give a huge sigh of relief

tone to it though the question of hope

tends to smell after a few days in the sun,

especially where thinning ozone,

greenhouse instigations, and bluster

exhalations contribute to gaseous

buildups known to be harmful to jelly roll

intimations and hopeless wiggle impulsions


Any further implications are persona

non grata among clusters of hopeful

converts issuing proclamations of individual

emancipatory reason gushes and declarations

of independently established pursuits

of universal right to closure as it

bypasses Odyssean stations in a fog

of bovine emissions blur the signage

warning of abandonment amid wild

tracks of formerly haunted approaches


to unsecured time. Flattened and smoothed

in mills of constant interpretation

bordering on hostile states of exception

hope emerges large and sweet, quietly

queued up, inked finger raised in gesture

no doubt solicited by invisible agents

to assure querulous cows the way home

remains straight and broad. Increased

operations to again eliminate once

and for all already eliminated pockets

of resistance hope so too. In that sense hope


is not a time and places are not nothing

to shake a stick at especially if they

are hopeless or at least determined

in their destabilized disinhibatory

vibration polarities to wander outside

the bounds of same laminar aether

coordinates how to do it in unified theory

applications field errant razz eruptions

and sudden unprogrammed tootie displays

into images of singularly bright

and toothsome estimations of imminent victory


Canto 34— Pollution of distances


One-eyed sheepherders are often less likely

to draw to an inside arrangement

of heroic anticipatory lexical formations

given the encompassing arenas of distance

claiming stakes marked out in monstrous

perspectives narrowing escape routes’

branching deliria into constricted exits


Constricted exits indicate conclusive

apparati arrangements have been instilled

and the way out rendered a pollution of distant

hopes being sorted and stacked into walled

enclosures seen to waver in particulate

atmospheres. The waver may be a sign

indicating conditional release or the edge


of a veritas field claiming certain unwobbling

pivotal stakes as therapeutic in the light

of same old dwindling polis solution

enclosed and terminated by the Lords

of  Progress and corporate sheep farmers.

The body of ungulate animus toward

all things deviating from narrowing points


of arrival indicates foreclosure

of dual momentum into non-negotiable

spatial slabs. Wonder evacuates

the premises pursued by howls of laughter

emanating in conical sections from across

the hall. But all attempts to render

possible extensions of distant adumbrations’


confrontational clarities are disputed

by lyrical wave functions locking

down locutional proliferations

into arrangements suitable for the CBC

or various display case publication

constructions designed to provide

comfort and reassurance to wavering


senses of formerly untroubled claims

on singular integrated modes of spatial

possession. The distances go underground

maliciously constituting non-retrogradable

nations of nothing but pluribus variances,

dilating the dark toward terrific exigencies

of contingent cloaca evacuations.


Canto 35—The natural sequence of ideas


The untimely issue of expelled interpretations

rises skyward. No unseemly or patched

interrogations escape. The approaching margin

may be cause for alarm. Circuitous

passages to the contrary probably indicate

sudden ideas. In the event this fails

stay calm and assign optional trajectories.


Beginning again belongs outside

former sequences’ constellation of hilarity.

In the unlikely case excessive laughter

leads to sequential insertions of bizarre

objects, inextendible paths backwards

have been known to harbour judges

who may find plaintive lyrics in order.


What follows beyond the pale of extreme

judicial contractions once again reaffirms

the truth of fiction as it exposes unlikely

prolix diversions into imaginary gardens

where adjectives are largely suppressed. No

further deviations are visible in circumcised

oracular eye jobs. They just come up against


serial darkenss’s irregular howling and seek

asylum in periodic sentences. Grammatically

the outcome cannot be contained

in subordinate clauses’ polar implications

given foreclosure of acknowledgement

every sharp is already always a flat. Beginning

on a different note is frowned upon


by Trotskyite poets from the hills eschewing

badges in places whose time may have come

upon inexplicable but strangely concupiscent

breaches. They gape asunder but nothing

further ranges beyond treasured mother

lode as they drift through dreams

of perfectible dawns. Inordinate


predictions of unnatural pairings

rattle future accounts bearing

interested parties aloft and threatening

singular assertions of nature’s all

too facile sequential fantasies

with methodical disintegration

and arbitrary sodomite lexical positions.


Canto 36—The Invisible Hand of the Market


Slipped calibrations of ontological severity

stripped of all zing and duded up to resemble


baroque filigreed manipular immensity

determinations that turned tootie into a pale


version of former dimensional inversion

ruptures often led to happy assertions


of limit’s giddy ascension on time’s

calculated wing claiming connection


to some long ago art project. The moving

finger writ and having bit off more


than a few filial implications boldly

signifies mandated determinations


of selected freedom functions and

inscriptions along the lines of Adamo


me fecit as an antidote to terror

of compassion compulsions and eventual


loss of digital dexterity beyond framed

bonum impositions gussied up


in white robes and carrying fully loaded

harps. Corporate dematerialization


reaches out straining after some new Adam

Smith to anoint with infinite bounty


reserved for Elect investment bankers

and inside traders by majestic beclouded


instance’s archonic transformation

of unpolluted distances characteristic


non-specific points of departure into fixed

exchanges of near and far offered at discounted


fares along with cancellation insurance’s

guaranteed promise of risk-free descent


into palm-lined boulevards unobstructed

access to endless fetching points of purchase.



Book 7: De Binares Natura


Canto 37—Waiting for the train


It leaps out like that across the gap’s

yawning electrified annunciation


of the two of them stretching the eye

toward some distant Renaissance trick


continues to lower expectations even as it

swings the works into vibratory state


generating derazzified formulae

of instant constitution corralled


into flight from three’s licentious

seductive promise of damp paradaisal


intimations undoes end of the line’s

distant contract with tomorrow.[72]


The cows cross it at their own risk

declaring autonomous intentions


at designated level crossings

accompanied homeward bound


by many friends and relatives

hell bent on wreaking flagrant


misnomers on passing indications

of restless or unstable salutations


beyond the normal kind.[73] The normal

kind are not abnormal, not


different than the cows when they’re

friendly, and they smell better, too.


But mostly it’s the knowledge

of doing good, real good, the kind


that carries a big weapon to deal

righteously with lascivious mediations


and other aberrations of invariable

distance’s arrangement of the furniture[74]


into decent formations suitable

for god-fearing cows on their way home.


Canto 38—Electrified annunciation


Getting our feet down on the ground

slapping mud was no mean trick, vanishing


or not. Certain aerial outlooks may result

in vertiginous intermezzos but


there’s something to be said for tree top

dreams of unlikely impervious placations


as long as discounted porne haunts

don’t rise up wraith like and wrathful


leaving you dangling by sacrificial

implications.[75] Then tracks may indicate


animal presences bolstered by bad acts

and judicious divisions. But brought


to earth leaves heaven dangling by a proverb

hooked up to indicate acceptable points


of contact[76] maintain distances approved

as grounded in properly established codes


of wired practices bent on eliminating

threats tubal detritus bequeaths in walled


recollections of yesteryear’s potentially

saleable grace droppings.[77] Still, toe to toe


does exceed singular translations reductio

by several magnitudes of stellar residue


and though no refereed outcome remains

tantalizingly beyond any permitted charge


to the contrary, better living through indecent

and unregulated polar remissions still holds out


some promise of connectivity beyond electrified

annunciation warnings to remain on designated


platforms while massive engines of anticipated

and already determined lines of eager


acceleration ride down rails all dolled up

as great steaming hulks of terminal thought.[78]


Canto 39—Distant vanishing tricks


Those retrogradable institutions of higher

speculation stretching toward bifocal


limit’s electrified annunciation of spatial

argument’s endless quibbling leave


no room for Buzz Corey to maneuver

making for dehydrated trajectories


and fixed polar orientations ossified gyroscopic

fundament.[79] Razz, having made way


through compulsory negative obligatory

enclosure functions and reached escape


velocity releases life lines[80] in the shape

of asyntactical assemblages of random


vocables dashing wildly through shadows

seeking succor from their dark, sweet


teats. The Vanishing Point in pursuit

issues proclamations to the contrary rendering


all possible avenues of egress into

culminations of well-lit purification


techniques. Antithetical authorizations

attempt to gather disclosed spatial


terminations into nets capable of corralling Buzz[81]

as he enters here through a worm hole


from a  previous poem actually written

after this. Distance shudders and time


emits weak desperate declarations

of correspondence hoping filial adumbrations


can withstand hard knocks and gleeful

disrespect emanating counter clock


wise from undeclared extensions

of non-parallel hoochy koochy matrix


functions known to shred carefully decorated

elaborations of never the twain etcetera.[82]



Canto 40— Aberrations of invariable distance


As a state of mind founded somewhere

near the southern border where fabled


Razza’ma rose from the marshes, its

curved walls bending space to the grace


of their jubilation and governed by errant

insertions of unexpected derationalizing relish


it hovers near an horizon bonds earth

to sky in aberrant variation’s formerly


mashed extrusions of inadequate

consideration.[83] Considering possible tracks’


indeterminate assimilations of hazy

conclusions only leads to further


perfunctory estimations of Vanishing

Point’s insatiable appetite for terminal


buildings tastefully located in orderly

extensions of democracy. The hordes


who are gathered and placed in postures

signifiying gratitude, right hand raised


pointer extended into cerulean

intimations of paradaisal choices beyond


the next town fall into hushed tones

of ahhh generally reserved for victorious


groups of cows as they cross the Finshing

Line, patting its butt in unrepressed


testament to glutteal admiration.

The Finishing Line, also know as Phil,[84]


indicates its pleasure by quickly banning

proliferating aberrations on grounds


infiltration undermined with impermissible

variations of gradation’s distance


from invariably held belief in no further filiations

upholds truth’s firm manipular emissions.



Canto 41—End of the line


Is it the thought of no final exit

other than that looming inevitable dark


kiss that separates the rails into vanishing

trick instigates formations of human


declaratory spatial impositions limiting

chiaroscuro eruptions to decidedly


predictable patterns of singular solar

contract mechanisms, binding Razz


and Tootie back to back?[85] On the one hand

is the end of a line. On the other insists


variations are merely fluctuating instances

of magnetic proton alignment’s temporary


loss of precious bodily fluids. Getting

there abrogates undetermined meetings


to small dark spaces pop up from time

to time trailing clouds of atemporal


flotsam in the shape of triangular

vibrating intrusions leading to further


irregular assignation’s surplus

itineraries and sloppy exclamations


of mutual arrival. In and out is no

mere aleatory interruptus, but a genuine


assertion of possible combinatory

copulas propensity to pile on propitious


piquancy[86] in the face of cows on their way

toward some distant vanishing trick’s


nostalgic incursion. The path to madness

step by step exfoliates through logic’s


certain adumbrations into endless aisles

of toiletries arranged to excite blood


flows into impossible architectures

of separation hung out on lines to dry.


Canto 42— Lascivious mediations


Intervention inhales frequently though always

between sheets of immaculate

irregularities’ untoward estimations


of involuntary signification contractions.[87]

If it feels good does the proposition lose

angular incidence and authentic bovine


directional modus? The void skulking

just around the last corner shifts

in shadows rattling the dented lid


of a garbage can suddenly spooking

a black cat darts over the ragged fence

in moonlight.[88] Now the stage is set


for razzle dazzle lexical assignations

behind pebbled-glass paned door

opens into chiaroscuro foliations.[89] Tootie


snaps down the brim of her hat anticipating

pencil thin destiny’s sap to the back

of some unlikely train of thought only


to find Razz, sleek, firm nylon

smooth gams crossed, smoke gently

rising past veiled suggestions of cheap


hotel room’s flickering neon

paradise. Outraged on the other

hand squeals to the Vanishing


Point about lowdown lascivious

mediations in the local flop house quickly

mobilizing intentional acts of self


validating authenticity to batter down

the door to the last century releasing

various mounted formations to mow down


the nick of time in the interest of self

preservation and general control

of potentially intoxicating agents


of provocative non sequiturs hell bent

on breeding lilacs out of whatever vociferant

dung heap vocabulary tickles their dirty roots.[90] 




Book 8: Pancakes


He shakes my ashes

greases my griddle,

churns my butter,

strokes my fiddle,

my man is

such a handy man.


      —Ethel Waters


Canto 43—AJ discourses on the cosmic egg


Ain’t no two ways about it whatever

their directions dictate and inextendible

paths backward don’t count for beans


in Orphic misprisions through

proliferating strings of song and

dancing stones unlikely ascent into exact


unique forms of wiggle logic[91] recalled

from illimitable depths of egg’s

imperishable groove. Turn around


and face the music while you still

got the legs leaves otherwise relegated

to mere business of exaggerated


restrictions known to elevate

likely codas beyond means music itself

exists within[92] and rendered pale


by excited enjambments’ daring

return trips deep into stories

determined descending flapjack


increments escape from yoked imperatives

upward gaze toward perfectly

balanced satisfactions while emergent


hog calling intimations stumble beyond

egghead abstractions into scrambled

oeuvre’s unanticipated concilia


imperative.[93] Bound ingredients

from coagulating head over heels

obbligato busting out wail


rising high and fine from atop walls

of fabled Razza’ma tumble into broken

paeans to delta openings[94] cloven


hot stacks and waiting secrets of a dark

sweet oracle leading up and out

to sit amid stacks of sticky glories.



Canto 44—AJ discourses on the milk of kindness


Sometimes you’d think the dancing

stones had up and relocated themselves

to various infernal cavities inhabiting

proprioceptive determinations’ heart

variations.[95] Then they up and start


howling living intimations

of unanticipated organic bubble seeds

laying awake through all that space

bearing messages of further

implicate pulse sometimes even sets your


feet to tapping.[96] The cow’s involvement

is timely but transitory, two deflections

of razzamatootie into determined telic

saturations’ single minded pursuit

of soft posteriors presenting ineffable


suggestive images of Tootie promise

tied up in plodding inertial satieties

one hoof after another. Udder folly[97]

can wreak havoc on all manner

of domus determined inversions even


when they’re dished up cold with ketchup

and the stones’ further possibilities implode

in the face of impenetrable expectations’

non-designated resolutions.[98] When it goes

south all manner of stuff curdles at the top


opening eternal instant’s inhabitable

modus variations to prescriptions

of best before cylindrical determinants

non-negotiable discard demands. A waste

of time[99] if you ask me, hon, generated


by knee jerk disposable declensions

too distant from hand to mouth

or even basic end of the week

box roust to know the difference

a day makes is often little more than


slight swelling among lactational apparati

render mouth watering, lip puckering

milk and honey visions no handy man ever

mistook for anything other than intimations

of rising frenzy’s come hither tremendum.[100]


Canto 45—AJ discourses on wheat and chaff


What’s blowing in the wind has

altered considerably since ringing

air rallied instance’s broken promises


to protestant variations of ordinary

transformations and foot tapping

razz impulsion to catch a gust


rise up and wiggle your heart out.[101]

Mitigating cross breezes whip the air

into more engaging articulations


of discriminating tendency’s inevitable

breath of fresh expectation beyond

strong expressions of lyric intensity’s


prize laden recipe for stable formations

of contented cows.[102] Pancakes is

as pancakes does registers recalcitrant


economies of rising hilarity’s electrical

neuro-logos spasm directives leave

the VP looking for some corner to hang


it’s hat and set up shop turning out

obsolescent imprecations against non-standard

spatial variances known to open peculiar


conversations between lines of bound

projections.[103] The rules ain’t the game,

hon, and the spaces between will always


trump the likely separation railing

against slippery slopes sure fire

pollution of distances’ claim to


undifferentiated demeanors of decorous

discontent’s[104] cover story into full bore

hoochy koochy equivocations. Equity


in this unexpected vocation generates

division driven gusts having no

relation to known instances of infernal


affairs as outlined in manuals to the contrary

but affiliates idylls of separation into recipes

for unforeseen husk evacuations.


Canto 46—AJ discourses on katastematic pleasures


Ten dollar words won’t get you far

in this neck of inscrutable intimations

but wine dark deposits of unstable


satisfactions can go a long way

toward instigating post-tootie

exuberance mediations and extensions


of three beyond decent folks’ negative

declarations and porne renunciations

all dolled up as illusions of glory


incursions from sad-assed backyards

of last season’s prize winning garden

gone to hell in a market-basket.[105] Give me


that old time teeter-totter in your face

ecstasis and I’ll give you one damn fine

party, hon, when all that even keel


business is starting to look around

for a way out of Epicurean Chinese

handcuffs looking to lock up


the old twiddle factor and keep the flow

slow, Joe, it’s a damn shame and that old

morning after throb somewhere near


cerebellum’s link up to higher as the say

points of currently malfunctioning

clarification apparati painful as it


continues to be is no reason to avoid

uncontrolled burgeoning ecstasis novas

fueled by whatever poison fires up


the old engine.[106] Getting down

to business don’t add up to much more

than interstitial signal contaminants


hijacked by alien meaning pirates

hell bent on turning flap jacks’ consensual

conversion factor into contractual


assertability conditions leave between

high and dry, bereft of lubricitous

deviations’ slip-slide long stack spasm.


Canto 47—AJ takes a break


It’s a known fact all them big words

will give you a swoon just swirling

around like some bad ass mixer


cut loose and run amok in Tootie’s unsecured

word horde, whipping up concatenations

of juicy syllabic unliklihood and spraying


them across the wall in mene mene tekel

apparitions of insect reason yearning

after Lucretian eruptions of multiphonic


aural infestation.[107] Roll over and light a smoke

reeks of irreducible residue’s appeal to moment’s

sweet profanity.[108] And no museum can hold


its impromptu rush through memory’s tidal

push and pull, that wet grind, or bind

its suddenly recovered use to a spectacle


of committee approved displays guaranteed

to please the countless tourists having flown

in for the weekend to gaze longingly


at large groups of cows dressed

in native costumes and lifting their hooves

in good old down home bovine hoedown


expressions of felicitous antelope infestations

and encouraging exclamations regarding

lower prices. A huge sigh of relief


has been known to frequent disreputable

disputations on the occasions of sudden

interruptions recalling violet skies


through windows streaked beyond

acceptable limits of accumulated

swing leaves the whole joint


approaching the speed of slightly

miscued diversions.[109] Shattering

land records spill across broken


sound and recurring split infinities

rendering gaps in the work day

incompatible with uncontested thoughts


of tonic resolution’s leisurely after

math and complete sentences leading

the garden path into indefinite


distance’s predatory consecration[110] amid

instances implying sudden relief

from barren insistence on wholesome nuances.


Canto 48—AJ discourses on syrup


Corn’s got its uses but never for a minute

cofuse it with that boiled down tree blood

that’s not just sweet but fit to drizzle


over any hot little lexical consensus

rises up steaming though not averse

to instance’s frequent recourse to release


mechanisms known to leave various

cascading words in states of sticky

residue as a sign of Tootie’s shameless


and insatiable quest to evade specific

claim to exhausted exigencies nominal

cramping. Swallows would like to dart


through it again[111] but at this precarious

point finds its parameters restricted

to ingestional contractions following


lip smacking. Smacking your lips around that

may result in accidents without substance

proliferating beyond evaporating images


put into play precisely in the impossibility

of this having been written.[112] No radio

ever had it so revocably clear as that sticky


outcome’s amber imbrication makes

evident to the pure of heart leaving

by the back door after having snatched


hoochy koochy equivocation’s from jaws

of victory’s inevitable ritual celebration

dressed to the nines but having exchanged


Miss Emily’s lowly interrogation[113] for self

satisfied ascensions along prescribed

lists of national reading. That is no way


to treat a long hot stack just begging

for it. Abandoned terminals leave no

possible arrival other than climactic


contractions fading into difficult extractions

and diverted hopes for constitutional

invention’s yet to be determined issue.



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