Andrew Barbisan

I chronicle my life experiences after post-secondary education at the University of Toronto
discussing how what I have learned has informed my life experiences.

Life after University

University teaches us many things but how do they apply to real life?

post university

I attended University of Toronto Mississauga and St.George campusES specializing in Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (CCIT). This program was a little bit different compared to others, giving students much freedom by having less required, and more open-ended courses allowing students to explore their passion within New Media, communication, and information technologies. For example, I was able to, instead of writing essay, create websites and explore web development which had always interested me as a career choice much more than writing ever has.

This blog is a space where I can convey how my experiences at University helped shape my future decisions and how I viewed life. I learned a lot during my time at UofT and its surprising how much was useful after I graduated, often in unexpected ways. I now work at a digital marketing agency in Toronto where I improve the online presence of companies. Some have led to interesting thoughts that I want to share especially those related to my studies through university.