A Canadian Leader that has worked for some of the largest brands in the country creating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and immersive 360 degree videos.

virtual reality production toronto

VusionVR is a virtual reality production agency in Toronto that creates virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 degree videos for brands and organizations accross the country. Examples of their work include training experiences, marketing and promotional videos, and gamified advertisements. New Media production is becoming more popular, demanded, and often required in some fields to impress audiences and capture their attention.

VusionVR uses technology from Matterport that allows them to take 3D images of spaces and turn them into virtual 3D environments. These are then used by people like designers, real estate agents, and stores to display a space that they are not in which eliminates some limitations such as distance or time restraints and makes converting clients much easier. Their technology also allows the augmentation a space creating an entirely new environment without physically changing the space or taking the time to draw or design a room manually. Users can change how a room looks from the ground up by changing the flooring, paint colour, furniture, and anything else, even the layout of the space by adding or taking out walls. Users are able to see hwo products will look in an environment and can even decide to purchase them through their augmented or virtual reality experience.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 360 degree videos are an interesting concept to think about, as it has been a service that we could only dream of or hear about in science fiction. Having the ability to completely redesign a room in different ways and many times so quickly can not be done professional standard using traditional methods such as drafting or drawing a room. Virtual reality and augmented reality change how we view adn interact with our environment. This is another example of how new technology is changing our lives, jobs, and future. While some people may be upset about this because it replaces their highly skilled job, it should not be discouraged. This is when people need to be accepting that technology is going to replaces many jobs but that doesn't mean it is not creating new jobs. VR and AR production requires the operating of 360 degree cameras, the vision and editing skills to create an immersive video, as well as VR headsets or other means to view the technology. In addition, this also creates a space where competitors can enter the market and create these jobs for new companies and professionals as well.

VusionVR are accessable through social media and post frequent blogs about their industry.