Analysis: Tattoo 4



j wearer: man
j location on body: back of head
j colours: black, blue, red, yellow
j design: stylized human skull
j text: skins
j approximate size: 30 cm x 30 cm
j probable method/materials: electric tattoo machine; ink

j visibility: clearly visible for all to see except wearer (when head shaved)
j‘biker’ tattoo design (or skin head)
j how perceived: death, hatred, skin head, racism, white supremacy

j historical/cultural context: late 20th century skin head, probable Western Europe/North America
j symbolic meanings: death; terror; to evoke fear; power; immediately places the wearer in the cultural context of a group/community; tattoo is part of a lexicon of other visible symbols of skin head culture (shaved head, white t-shirt, etc.)




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-image: Artist Unknown (Schiffmacher 1996:593)-