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CSC490: Optical Illusions

EAS200 Self-Quiz/Cue Cards (Firefox, Opera, etc.; not IE.)

EAS100 Cue Card Applet (supplementary/vocab characters from back of textbook only)

Linux (a free OS!) tips:
Using Xmms and aMSN at the same time in KDE
Using both the touchpad and a USB Mouse

Misc code:
-make some empty text files take up several gigabytes of space

Misc helpful stuff:
Format for running csc148's stylechecker (install checkstyle, download the appropriate xml file, use the command prompt to navigate to your folder, and run the following command, replacing FileName.java with the file whose style you want to check):
java -jar checkstyle-all-4.2.jar \ -c 148-stylechecks.xml -o check2.txt FileName.java

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