optical illusions in film

I've refined my list of illusions down from six to three, and each will be presented/studied via a different method.

forced perspective will be studied interactively
-an applet with 3d models with the ability to move the camera. There will be a scene, where two characters will appear one larger than the other, but it will be a forced perspective trick. Moving forced perspective can be turned off/on. If on, the 'trick' character will move in counterpoint to the camera's motion. If off, the model won't move. This can allow the user to discover the limits of what works.

moving background/chromakey will be used in a created illusion
-since you can cause perception of movement where there isn't any, can get really creative here. -a pre-created illusion -a couple decent ideas for abusing this creatively so far

eyeline match, studied by experiments
-discovered by Kuleshov and Soviet Montage, Kuleshov's famous experiment showed the importance of montage -experiments to expand on kuleshov. Try to find failure cases. Hypothesis that 180 degree rule is a failure.