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 Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
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 The Paul Page (New Perspective)
 Pauline Pneumatology
 Pauline Corpus
 Orion Center for the Study of DSS
 Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts
 The Chicago Dead Sea Scrolls Project
 Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship
 Inventory of Manuscripts from Qumran
 Texts & Documents Related to Jewish History
 Apostolic Fathers (Greek)
 Classics Online Library
 Online Greek Epigraphy Inscriptions (PHI)
 Philosophy & Theology E-Texts
 Computer-Assisted Theology
 Canadian Society of Biblical Studies
 Society of Biblical Literature
 Uncial Fonts
 Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism
 Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism
 Wieland Willker's Textual Criticism
 A Student's Guide to NT Textual Variants
 New Testament Manuscripts Online
 Electronic New Testament Educational Resources
 New Testament Gateway
 Useful Free Translator
 Biblical Studies Foundation
 Resource Page for Biblical Studies
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