Architectural Design /
Space Analysis

5 years industry experience

Burl Crone is an architectural designer with strong experience researching, analyzing and designing academic/University spaces. He specializes in classrooms, lecture halls, building configuration, public spaces and related ancillary spaces. This covers the detailed aspects of design with which broader architectural services are not familiar: details of space allocation, the wide portfolio of University usage types and contemporary trends in University space design. His work includes straightforward AutoCAD design, consultation on design and space allocation, consultation with academic departments, negotiating administrative protocols and working directly with all parties from pre-design analysis to post-build evaluation.

Mr. Crone pioneered the specialty of classroom design at the University of Toronto and combines his own first-hand research of University methods with industry standard norms of space use in academic design. Mr. Crone spent 5 years as the University of Toronto in-house academic space designer after completing his Master of Architecture degree at the same institution.
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