Blaise Alleyne at the University of Toronto

Blaise has earned a Bachelor of Science (2009 — with a major in Computer Science and minors in English and Philosophy) and a Master of Theological Studies (2019) from the University of Toronto.

He has taken courses from the Theology of the Body Institute, and Ryerson University's Chang School.

Continuing Education

Ryerson University Chang School of Continuing Education

Code Name Instructor Session
CNIP900 Non-Profit Organizations in Canada Winter 2019
CNIP901 Developing Effective Non-Profit Organizations Fall 2017

Theology of the Body Institute Certification Program

I have taken some courses in the audit track.


Name Instructor Session
TOB1: Head and Heart Immersion Course Christopher West March 2010
TOB2: Into the Deep Christopher West January 2011
TOB3: The New Evangelization Christopher West June 2013

Master of Theological Studies (2019)

I completed a Master of Theological Studies degree at Regis College at the University of Toronto, with a focus on moral theology.

Graduate Courses

Code Name Instructor Session
RGB1005H Introduction to the Old Testament Michael Kolarcik, S.J. Winter 2011
RGB1501H Introduction to the New Testament Scott Lewis, S.J. Fall 2012
RGB3114H Genesis Michael Kolarcik, S.J. Fall 2013
SAH1001H Early Christianity (to AD 600) Fr. Seamus Hogan Fall 2016
RGT3657H War and the Christian Tradition John Berkman Winter 2016
RGP1621H Ignation Foundations for Mission and Ministry Gilles Mongeau, S.J. Fall 2015
RGT3952H Ethical Issues at the End of Life John Berkman Winter 2014
SAP3257H The Spirituality of Work Anne Jamieson Fall 2017
WYP2810H Ministry and Technology Thomas Power Winter 2018
RGT1101H Foundations in Theology Gordon Rixon, S.J. Fall 2011
RGT1905H Ethical Reflections on Pastoral Practice Mary Rowell, C.S.J. Fall 2014
RGT2321H Creation, Man/Woman, Sin Ovey Mohammed, S.J. Winter 2013
RGT3243H Christology Gilles Mongeau, S.J. Winter 2017
RGT3581H Hans Urs von Balthasar Sr. Gill Goulding CJ Winter 2018
RGT3655H Ethics, Animals and Christian Theology John Berkman Winter 2015
RGT3658H Catholic Social Thought John Berkman Winter 2018
SAT3952H Bioethics Fr. Kevin Belgrave Fall 2016
SAT3932H Human Sexuality and Marriage Fr. Kevin Belgrave Winter 2017
SMT2703H Introduction to Moral Philosophy Daniel Bader Winter 2012
SMT3931H Sexuality & Marriage Moira McQueen Winter 2014
RGT3790Y [Synthesis Paper]
From Soul Wound to Soul Repair: Moral Injury from Combat to Civilian Life
John Berkman (mentor) Fall 2018

Bachelor of Science (2009)

Undergraduate Courses

Code Name Session
CSC148HIntroduction to Computer Science Fall 2005
CSC207HSoftware Design Winter 2006
CSC209HSystem Tools & Programming Winter 2007
CSC240HEnriched Introduction to the Theory of Computation Winter 2006
CSC258HComputer Organization Fall 2006
CSC263HData Structures & Analysis Summer 2007
CSC300HComputers & Society Winter 2009
CSC301HSoftware Engineering I Fall 2007
CSC309HWeb Programming Winter 2008
CSC324HPrinciples of Programming Languages Winter 2007
CSC343HDatabases Fall 2007
ENG201YReading Poetry Fall/Winter 2006-2007
ENG220YShakespeare Fall/Winter 2007-2008
ENG303HMilton Fall 2008
ENG336HTopics in Shakespeare Winter 2009
JEF100YWestern Literary Tradition Fall/Winter 2005-2006
MAT137YCalculus! Fall/Winter 2005-2006
MAT223HLinear Algebra I Fall 2006
MUS110HIntroduction to Music History and Culture Fall 2005
MUS111HHistorical Survey of Western Music Winter 2006
PHL200YAncient Philosophy Fall/Winter 2006-2007
PHL206HLater Medieval Philosophy Winter 2006
PHL210Y17-18th Century Philosophy Fall/Winter 2007-2008
PHL281HBioethics Fall 2008
PHL303HPlato Winter 2009
PHL304HAristotle Summer 2007
PHL388HLiterature & Philosophy Fall 2008
PHL400HSeminar on Epicurean Philosophy Winter 2009
SMC217HLiterature and the Christian Child Winter 2009
SMC311HWhy the Church? Winter 2008
SOC101YIntroduction to Sociology Fall/Winter 2007-2008
STA247HProbability with Computer Applications Fall 2006

Graduation photos