Georges Bataille

(1897-1962) pseudonyms: Lord Auch, Pierre Angélique, Louis Trente

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“Proust believed his memory retrained that which just the same escaped. Memory completely reveals what presence made off with, though perhaps only for a time.” (On Nietzsche, 55)

Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past “in which life is slowly collapsed and dissolved in inanity (inability to grasp), though grasping the ocellar points wherein it is resolved” (On Nietzsche, 56)

“My desire today is focused on a point. This object without objective truth is the most awesome I can imagine—and I can compare it to a smile or to the transparency of the beloved. No embrace can attain this transparency (it is specifically whatever flees at the instant of possession.) (On Nietzsche, 53)

“Today, between two points, it is impossible for me not to be a hyphen, a leap, for an instant resting on nothing. . . . Is there some kind of new leap?” (On Nietzsche, 80, 81)

“I never stop taking risks—this is the condition for the intoxication of heart.” (On Nietzsche, 86)

“What is odd in Nietzsche’s doctrines is that they cannot be followed. Ahead of you are unfocused, at time dazzling radiances. Though the way to them remains untraceable. Nietzsche the prophet of new paths?” (On Nietzsche, 87)

“Laughing at anything and everything. Otherwise I’d fall, with nothing to catch me, into definitive void. The void is tempting to me. But what do I do in the void?” (On Nietzsche, 101)

“From the multitude of life’s difficulties flows infinite possibility.” (On Nietzsche, 104)

“Certain types of chance force you to live at the edge: with a little more anguish, chance would be mischance.” (On Nietzsche, 107)



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