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The Second Annual HPS Workshop in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

HPS Seminar Room 1

Day One (Friday 21 April)
9:30–10:30 Peter Lipton (HPS):
'Testimony and the Growth of Knowledge'
10:30–11:30 Nigel Pleasants (Philosophy & Sociology, Exeter):
'Social Wrongdoing and Critical Moral Reflection'
Coffee Break
12–1 Alix Cohen (HPS):
'A Functionalist Interpretation of "Nature's Intentions" in Kant'
Lunch Break
2–3 Boaz Miller (Toronto):
'Interpretation or Puzzle Solving? On the Debate between Kuhn and Taylor about
the Proper Demarcation Criterion between the Natural and the Human Sciences'
3–4 Axel Gelfert (Collegium Budapest):
'Georg Simmel's Social Epistemology of History'
Coffee Break
4:30–5:30 Joab Rosenberg (HPS):
'Commun-dividualism: Stanley Cavell on Ordinary Language Philosophy'
5:30–6:30 Bill Grundy (HPS):
'Speaker and Society'
Dinner (Bangkok City, Green Street)
Day Two (Saturday 22 April)
10–11 Patrick Baert (SPS, Cambridge):
'Neo-pragmatism and Gadamerian hermeneutics: a proposal'
11–12 David Tyfield (Exeter):
'Philosophical Investigations and Transcendental Arguments – A Realist Immanent Critique of Wittgenstein'
Lunch Break
1–2 Ismael Al-Amoudi (Judge Institute, Cambridge):
'Revisiting Rules: An Ontological Study of Social Rules'
2–3 Caroline Baumann (HPS):
'Rules as Reasons'
Coffee Break
3:30–4:30 Lorenzo Bernasconi (HPS):
'On The Scope of the Social Sciences: Winch, Kripke and Wittgenstein'
4:30–5:30 Martin Kusch (HPS):
'Searle on Rule Scepticism'

Organised by: Caroline Baumann, Lorenzo Bernasconi, Bill Grundy, Martin Kusch