RDA Recommended Checklist


1.     Theoretical Foundation: FRBR and FRAD

            ____Read What is FRBR?  

            A concise introduction to the FRBR model by Barbara Tillet, Library of Congress (pdf, 7 p.).

____Watch FRBR as Foundation to RDA

Presented by Robert Maxwell (author of FRBR: a guide for the perplexed), this free ALCTS webinar  covers the basics of FRBR as a theoretical foundations of RDA (1 hour).

            ____Read PanCanadian RDA Training Module: Providing Context for RDA  (ppt, 39 slides)

Powerpoint presentation explaining the history of FRBR and FRAD and the organization of RDA.

____Do FRBR Terminology Quiz

This online quiz is part of Module 1 of LC’s Training for RDA, uses Adobe “Captivate” software and requires Adobe Flash Player.

2.    RDA Authority Records

____Read Conversion of the LC/NACO Authority File to RDA by Adam L. Schiff (University of  Washington)  2012 Powerpoint presentation (slides from the February 2013 CAUT meeting).

____Read Changes from AACR2 to RDA: a Comparison of Examples Part 2: Access Points  by Adam L. Schiff (University of  Washington)

____Watch Changes from AACR2 to RDA Part 2 by Adam L. Schiff (University of  Washington)       2010 webcast with slides and examples highlighting the changes in Authorities.  

3.    Changes from AACR2 to RDA

____Watch Introduction to RDA - presented by Robert Ellett.

This free ALCTS introductory webcast highlights the differences between the current cataloging rules (AACR2) and RDA (1 hour).

____Read PanCanadian RDA Training Module: Introducing RDA: Resource Description and Access

Powerpoint presentations, with speaker notes, quiz and answers, providing an overview of RDA.       (ppt, 58 slides + quiz)

____Read Changes from AACR2 to RDA: A Comparison of Examples by Adam L. Schiff 

Excellent Powerpoint presentation that clearly explains and demonstrates the changes from AACR2 to RDA using the MARC format. (ppt, 100 slides)


4.    RDA Toolkit

___Watch AACR2 to RDA Using the RDA Toolkit – presented by Troy Linker, ALA Publishing.

Covers the organization and functions of RDA Toolkit.

____RDA Toolkit Essentials Slides (ppt, 59 slides) / Video (1 hour)

A useful introduction and guide to using RDA Toolkit; updated on a monthly basis.