Offering free educational software to the general public based on the Montessori method is the primary goal of Our-Montessori. Many people, about 200 visitors a day, stop by to browse the links and learn more about the Montessori method here, and use the games which were last updated in the spring of 2002.

The Beads and Skittles division game, based on the Montessori racks and tubes is in final release. It features user control of over 800 individual beads, so can be said to be a true manipulative game, although it has various features to help keep the beads organized. This game made site of the week at Education News, and the collection has been featured at Innovative Teaching:

"These five games use Shockwave 8 or higher to creative dynamic screens your students can manipulate to understand the algorithms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the philosophy espoused by Maria Montessori. Click on one of the links and the resulting window takes over your entire screen, but it is a full, rich environment in which children can learn. Using a phone line it's slow loading, but worth the wait. If you've been looking for a digital, developmentally appropriate Math site this may be what you had in mind. "

Our-Montessori was also chosen by the American National Council of Teacher of Mathematics for their web site Illuminations.

The next Montessori manipulatives for this site will be produced with Maya, a phenomenal 3 dimensional cinematic modelling tool used to make The Lord of the Rings and other feature films.

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~ B. Sutherland - Toronto, Canada.

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