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Producer & Director:
Charles Huang
Charles Huang & Jack Chan
Run-Time: 15 Minutes
Production Date: December 22, 2005
Production Time: 6 Days
Me vs. My Breast is a short self financed documentary produced by myself, the goal of this film is to telling the hardship of living with gynecomastia though the hearts and mind of those men.  Now, 21 and a Commerce student of the University of Toronto, like other millions of men worldwide I experienced the first hand of always be self-conscious as an result of this condition.  In addition the film also explores the causes, myths, treatments and its side-effect for this condition.  Interviews includes Dr. Frank Lista, one of the world renown gynecomastia plastic surgeon, the current suffers Alex, Ian and Mat, and former sufferer John who tell his first hand experience of life after surgery.

The film ends with a interesting twist, discover what that is yourself!
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Update - January 30, 2006

As of today, this film has being viewed worldwide in 60+ countries and growing!
New version of the film has being uploaded, which includes the easier to read sub title.  Thank you for all your support and great comments! 
Please also take a moment to leave a comment on my guestbook!  In addition, our page has being officially listed in the prestigious Yahoo! Health Directory.


Director's Comment:
Although every effort were made to capture highest quality of video, however the quality was of the videos were somewhat disappointing since appropriate lighting were not present, most due to the cost and size of the equipment.  All scenes were shot using Canon ZR40, except for the interview with John B. (Grandpa Bambu) and Dr. Lista which were film on Canon XL2.

The issue of women is a big theme in this documentary, it's unfortunate, but its a real issue for those men effected, since most of us are self-conscious and really shy when it comes to approaching the opposite side of sex and I do feel it is necessary to explore it in great detail.

In addition, I contacted Dr. Fielding's office many times for a on-camera interview, and I was told that he will get back to me himself, unfortunately he has yet to response.  In addition, I would like to thank the following people for making this documentary possible:

Alex C. - as acting interviewee
First year arts student at Ontario College of Arts and Design.

Age: 18

Plot:  Shy of approaching women

Ian F. - Interviewee
Master student studying at the U of T, School of Theology.

Age: 24
gynecomastia since age of 13

Quote: "It's hard enough to live with this condition, I just want to be treated just like another human being."

John B. - Interviewee
Suffered for over 30 years before having surgery with Dr. Craig Fielding.  Now he support other men thru a online forum on

Age: 41
gynecomastia from age of 10

Message: psychological pain and daily stress (before and after photo)

Dr. Frank Lista
A world renown plastic surgeon that pioneer PAL and scariness gynecomestia surgery, currently Dr. Lista is the medical director and as well as the founder of the Plastic Surgery Clinic. Dr Lista is a board certified specialist in plastic surgery in Canada and the United States. Throughout this documentary Dr. Lista shares his expert opinions on this condition and his special surgical techniques that eliminate need of making incision around the nipples.

Explores:  causes, myth of exercise.  In addition to treatments of gynecomastia and its risk, as well as his special surgical techniques (Eliminate Male Breasts).

Kate Beaton as girlfriend of two and half years (unscripted)
1st year U of T student majoring in French

Age 19

Objective of the scene: to show how uncomfortable and embarrassing can be for some men to talk about gynocomastia even with their love ones.

Jack Chan
Volunteer camera assistance to many scenes throughout the film.  Currently, he is a four year business and math student studying in Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
Also special thanks to Jeff Brown for technical advice, Matt J. for additional interview.  In addition to the staff at the University of Toronto, 89 Chestnut for permission to film on location, especially to the Residence Dean, Josephine Mullally and Dean's Assistance Janelle Joseph.

Free distribution rights worldwide for non-commercial and educational purpose.  Please share this film with someone who is suffering from this condition.

Comments & Suggestions, please e-mail me at charles.huang@utoronto.ca


.: 2006 Copyright. Spicy Edition  All rights reserved :.