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Producer & Director:
Charles Huang
Charles Huang & Jack Chan
Run-Time: 15 Minutes
Production Date: December 22, 2005
Production Time: 6 Days


More Interview with Dr. Frank Lista

Question:  What are the complication after gynecomastia surgery?  Follow up? Question: Would he refuse surgery to a very young Gynecomastia sufferer? Question: What can you expect after surgery?  Can they  gain muscles?

More Street Interviews

I don't know if I would date a guy with enlarged breast, it really depends. I probably would laugh, and how I would feel depending if it is D cup or not. Nope, I would not date a guy with large breast.
They probably have some problem.  If I were a women, I don't think I can date someone like that. Do, I really like him?  If I really like him I don't mind.  Everyone have their problem, I probably get use to it. If I find a guy that I really like, Yes!


On Camera Interviews

Extended Interview with John, where he talks about procedures, after care, giving advice to others considering about this surgery. Mat wonders about whether if girls are looking at him or his enlarged breasts. Andrew hopes someday he'll able to have surgery to treat his gynecomastia.
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