Hi there, I assume you wandered to this page from the utoronto web directory or from my (few and far between!) friends pages, I assure you I won't have research information or be bragging about my contribution to the academic community in these pages, if you wish to continue reading along in my (sometimes very funny) webpage.

Ok, I lied, I'm not always funny. So I have a bit of a rant with the utoronto webspace "community". Why are there few to none well made ARTSCI webpages? I mean, shouldn't we have at least a teesny bit more time to make a dinky little space for our stuff online (well, more time if you talk to an engineer or medsci) but even if we don't, we need to represent! This took me a wee hour while the internet was down but the university network was still up. I was disappointed trying to view ANY webpage that made mention of an artsci who's into design and decided to make myself well known. Sort of. ;)

This very simple css layout was inspired by my desperation to understand css + div layers better, as well as my inspiration from a short film called 'Auto Mommy' which I viewed at the Toronto Japanese Short Film Festival this past October 2004. I actually wrote an article about it for the Innis Herald, a link to that pdf format will come shortly! (Hey, I'm not bragging about ACADEMIC contributions, so its all good, right?)

Despite my attempts to remember how to do jack shit in CSS I still haven't found a way to make this site lovely and visible in mozilla my most favourite of browsers! But fear not gentle friend, I will find help and soon!

- Danielle
- 19
- Toronto born and raised
- 2nd Year: Cinema Studies MAJ, Anthropology MAJ, Classical Civilizations MIN (?)
- Employed at Innis Rez
- ECC House Rep at Innis Rez
- lieks movies, omg!
- Just finished reading Gone with the Wind and is now reading Sharpe's Triumph
- DONATE TO MY TUITION! Well, more accurately, for my OSAP debt. (Wonder if this works..)

Alas, poor Yorrick, I knew thee well.
All work here is Danielle so don't touch.