Dan Matan's UToronto Webpage

Here is a collection of web links to the websites that I run, or at least have some type of interest in. Mainly, this is just here to generate a back-link or two from a substantially different ip space, which I figure would be a bit useful.

So here it goes.

My personal website

Quick EPass Canadian Passport Renewal Help

Sansa e260/e270 series Win2k help

Everything Else, like Deal Extreme and Casio Digicam Return

Useful Phone Numbers

Take look at my site for Useful telephone numbers such as Rogers, BMO and Royal Bank.

Passport Office Maps & Directions

And my latest launch, a website for finding directions and maps to Passport Canada Offices so that you can find the locations a bit more easily than the information offered on the problematic Passport Canada website.

My Microlending Website

I've decided to start covering the whole idea of consumer-to-consumer lending in Canada on my C2C P2P Money Lending Website. Communitylend and IOU Central are currently the main players in the Canadian market, though neither are functional at the moment, the startups are promising. The idea has taken off very well in the USA and Britain, as well as other countries, and I really think that Canada is a good country for the new industry.

Mobile Lite Tutorial Website

My friend Phil Lam runs an Adobe Flash Mobile Lite Tutorial Website, which is definitely the kind of thing that I see as being the future. Especially once better mobile devices with better mobile plans catch on. You can visit it at Flash Lite Tutorial. Lots of simple and definitely in-depth articles there. Something I see myself getting into in a couple years.

My Patent Analysis Website

PriorArtMyPatent is hoping to offer a full complement of both US and international patents in an easy to search database. Analytical tools will be developed on a free in-site and custom built-to-suit fashion. As well, individuals will be able to provide proof of prior art on each patent in both a comment and wiki style in the near future. Prior Art My Patent US & International Patent Searching+Analysis