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All content posted here is authored by Denny Yip unless otherwise specified. Please note that none of the below documents includes potentially sensitive information, and only discusses publicly-available documents as reference. Files are listed in chronological order - most recent to earliest.

selection of works available

Report: Light Rail Transit (LRT) vs. Subways. A report written for the University of Toronto, Civil Engineering 3rd year course: Introduction to Transportation Systems. This is a brief, 500-word document written to express the author's opinion on a transportation issue in the Greater Toronto Area. Topics included the discussion on Rob Ford's subway plan versus the existing LRT plan, high-speed rail service along the Corridor (Toronto-Montréal), the Spadina expressway, and cycling issues in the City of Toronto.

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CIV331 (UofT)

Dr. Lloyd McCoomb

Report: Green Growth. A report written for the University of Toronto, Civil Engineering 3rd year course: Engineering Economics. This is a long document discussing economic growth with an emphasis on environmental impact, and includes three leading countries in green growth according to the OECD.

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CME368 (UofT)

Prof. Chris Kennedy

Graphics: F!rosh (Orientation) Week 2012, Engineering Society. Designed shirts based on a given theme (Super Smash Bros.). File is of mockups of the F!rosh shirt, Leedur (Leader), and Skule Patrol (first aid). I do not claim ownership of the characters depicted on the shirts and they were not used for commercial purposes.

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F!rosh Week 1T2

Engineering Society

Graphics: Toronto Transit Commission bus model. This is a paper model based on the 1996 Orion V model bus operated by the TTC. The graphic was based off a TTC pamphlet giving approximate drawings of the vehicle. No copyright infringement is intended over the use of official logos and I do not claim ownership of any logos used in portraying accuracy on the vehicle.

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Team Presentation: Transportation in Toronto. For 2nd year course Engineering Communications I (Civil Engineering). A presentation to mock-present to the City Council of the time, discussing, with a direction in mind, how to improve our current transportation situation. Similar in format to how existing engineering consultants and government organizations put together slide decks to 'sell' the idea.

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CIV282 (UofT)

CI Josh Thorpe

Report: Urban Metabolism of the Greater Toronto Area. A report written for the University of Toronto, Civil Engineering 2nd Year course: Urban Engineering Ecology. This report discusses the inflows and outflows of the GTA and how it compares to a self-sustaining ecosystem. Appendix B is not included in the digital copy as it is hand-drawn.

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CIV220 (UofT)

Prof. Susan Andrews

Report: CIV201 Cumulative Report based on Civil Engineering Issues. A report written for the University of Toronto, Civil Engineering 2nd Year course: Introduction to Civil Engineering. A short three-day course showed students problems and designs of existing civil engineering projects, cumulating into a final report written on a topic of choice based on observations during the three days.

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CIV201 (UofT)

Prof. Brenda McCabe

Consultant's Report for a small-scale transport device. A report written for the University of Toronto, First Year Engineering course: Engineering Strategies and Practise. Although a terribly implemented course, this document begins to show integration of the engineering design process, with comparison matrices developed and rating systems based on not only economic factors but intrinsic factors, despite no prototypes of both models actually existing. Please note that the writing style is very different from the way I write today - it is added here only for historical purposes.

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APS111 (UofT)

Prof. Susan McCahan

Prof. Philip Byer

Prof. Phil Anderson