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All photos were taken by Steve, except (obviously) the ones with Steve in them. Those were taken by Henry. Meaning, of course, that the really nice ones were taken by Steve, and the not-so-nice ones? Not. At any rate, these have been resampled and cropped so that you don't have to wait forever. You should, upon seeing me, ask to see the actual prints.

Map of the area.

Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP) in Resolute, our jumping-off point for even further north. Note that this photo was taken at 10:00pm.

Steve at the Resolute airport - the plane is a Twin Otter, in case you were wondering.

En route to Grise Fiord, passing over the Haughton Crater on Devon Island, where NASA conducts who-knows-what research.

Steve at Camp Truelove, an abandoned research station on Devon used as a helicopter fuel cache.

Henry at Truelove.

View from Truelove, with the ubiquitous purple flowers. There was actually lots of plant life, just none above an inch high.

Sverdrup Glacier, north Devon Island.

Our helicopter at Sverdrup Glacier.

The hamlet of Grise Fiord, the northernmost community in Canada.

Grise Fiord, again from the helicopter.

Almost-as-ubiquitous yellow flowers, Grise Fiord (big file, but worth it, I think)

Sverdrup Glacier (a different site along it), snowing on July 9! Which, by the way, is Nunavut Day, a holiday up there.

Narwhal, Jones Sound. The problem with taking wildlife photos from the helicopter is that everything runs away from the sound! So seals dive back into their holes, and narwhals dive deeper into the water, making it hard to take their picture.

Grise Fiord airport (YGZ).

Craig Harbour, southeast Ellesmere Island.

A site on Grise Fiord.

The same site, with Steve.

Where else on Earth will you see a handmade pull-toy snowmobile?

Strange rectangular icebergs, Jones Sound.

Belcher Glacier from the helicopter.

The glacier next to Belcher Glacier, also from helicopter. Primo photo. Yes, I said "primo". No, I'm not ashamed.

Steve filling up water bottle from glacier stream. Brita's got nothing on this stuff.

View from Belcher Point, northeast corner of Devon - Cone Island in the distance, named for obvious reasons.

The opening of the RCMP detachment in Grise. Quite the event - even the Premier of Nunavut showed up! Free tea and bannock (this sweet bready-pastry stuff).

The newly-renovated school at Grise.

The dog of our host (Raymond), with his allotment of seal meat.

Cemetery, Grise. "Nevermore", quoth the raven atop the power lines.

Cliffs, south Ellesmere.

View of Harbour Fiord, south Ellesmere - snow, July 13.

Steve, Harbour Fiord (only day below zero - usually between 5 and 10 degrees C).

Grise in the sun.

The newer part of town - Raymond's place (ours too, starting the 7th) is the brown one.

Our Twin Otter out of Grise.

The Hamlet of Resolute Bay, an hour's walk from the PCSP buildings, which were near the airport.

Henry & Steve, Lancaster Sound.

Steve, Lancaster Sound. Yes, those are big blocks of ice - as the pack ice breaks up, the tide rafts the blocks onto the shore.

Steve, east of PCSP. A four-wheeled ATV was driven right up this steep hill.

Iqaluit airport, last stop before Ottawa, then home. Ironically, since we couldn't boat to any campsites due to the pack ice not breaking up yet, the only camping we did all trip was in the Ottawa airport, catching some sleep between our 11pm arrival and 6:30am departure for Toronto.