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Again, all photos were taken by Steve, except (obviously) the ones with Steve in them. Those were taken by Henry. Meaning, of course, that the really nice ones were taken by Steve, and the not-so-nice ones? Not. At any rate, these have been resampled and cropped so that you don't have to wait forever. You should, upon seeing me, ask to see the actual prints. By the way, have you checked out last year's photos? They're still online, you know. Go back to my home page and look.

Map of the area.

Orange lichen at a sample site near Grise Fiord.

Irritating the Wildlife, Pt. 1: Muskoxen on Ellesmere.

Steve on the job, looking purposeful.

A glacier on the east coast of Ellesmere Island. There's a dyke in the foreground. Hooray!

A channel through the ice at Grise Fiord. I'm particularly fond of this photo. You will be too.

Near Resolute Bay, there's an archaeological site where they've found homes built by the Thule people, a pre-Inuit culture. Neat.

Another Thule house, with slightly more complete roof. Notice the size of the whale bones!

Our helicopter on Belcher Glacier, Devon Island.

Irritating the Wildlife, Pt. 2: Arctic Hares at the Canadian military base at Eureka.

Our helicopter at Leffert Glacier. It had been tied to a rock to keep it from sliding on the ice, and guess who had to untie it after the helicopter had powered up and was just ready to go, deadly blades screaming overhead? That's right. Me.

Colourful cliffs at Cadogan Glacier.

Henry atop a cliff on Devon. No, he didn't climb up - we climbed down from the top.

Steve atop the same cliff.

Twin Otter at Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere. It's a "polar oasis" with an RCMP outpost that was manned continuously from 1953-63. Considered by many to be the most beautiful place in the Arctic. These people tend to like living things. Weirdos.

The bay at Alexandra Fiord. The little island there is referred to as "The Sphinx".

The RCMP houses at Alex Fiord.

Henry on the vast meadow at Alex Fiord. Mosquitoes at 80 degrees north!

Cairn to A. Y. Jackson (of Group of Seven fame) at Alex Fiord.

Pre-1963 food in the RCMP stores at Alex Fiord. Notice that I've been calling it "Alex Fiord", proving my veteran status.

Very sculptural iceberg, Alex Fiord.

Another very sculptural iceberg, Alex Fiord.

Nice purple flowers at Alex Fiord.

Steve at the glacier (Twin Glacier) at Alex Fiord.

My heart swells with patriotic fervour.

Baird Inlet from the helicopter. Just south of Alex Fiord (over the glacier), and, I think, more spectacular.

Snowy mountains, Ellesmere.

More snowy mountains, Ellesmere.

The foundation of the hut built on Pim Island by members of the Greely expedition in the late 1880s, with rusted cans, barrel hoops and ropes. The story is too long (go look it up, it's worth it), but suffice to say it involved incredible survival stories and cannibalism.

The plaque erected by the National Geographic Society in the 1920s commemorating the Greely expedition. Read it!

Cocked Hat Island, just north of Pim.

A closer view of Cocked Hat Island.

Irritating the Wildlife, Pt. 3: Polar bears! Mother and cub, Ellesmere.

Polar bears!

Scrabble at the Polar Continental Shelf Project, during the all-too-frequent down time. Thanks to Karen for the photo.

Scrabble getting intense. Again, photo by Karen.