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Again, all photos were taken by Steve, except (obviously) the ones with Steve in them. Those were taken by Henry. Meaning, of course, that the really nice ones were taken by Steve, and the not-so-nice ones? Not. At any rate, these have been resampled and cropped so that you don't have to wait forever. You should, upon seeing me, ask to see the actual prints. By the way, have you checked out last year's photos? They're still online, you know. Go back to my home page and look.

Map of the area.

Our Helicopter at Maxwell Bay, south Devon Island.

Henry and Steve at work on a dyke at Dundas Harbour, Devon Island.

A herd of muskoxen, Devon Island.

The village of Qaanaaq, northwest Greenland (pop. 600).

Avigiaq, our boat driver, taking us out of Qaanaaq.

Avigiaq and his/our 16-footer.

Arctic poppies at Qaanaaq.

The cliffs of Inglefield Bay, in the mist. Eerie.

Dogs at Qeqertat, a hunting camp on an island in the eastern end of Inglefield Bay.

Icebergs of Inglefield Bay, Pt. 1.

Icebergs of Inglefield Bay, Pt. 2.

Icebergs of Inglefield Bay, Pt. 3.

The unconformity where the Thule sediments lie over top of the basement rocks. As if that wasn't exciting enough, it makes for a nice photo, too!

Amazing erosional features in the Thule.

A dyke cutting the Thule sediments. We didn't sample this one.

Dyke and astounding erosional features near Qaanaaq. We did sample this one.

Qaanaaq under stormy skies.

More amazing cliffs of north Inglefield Bay.

That dyke near Qaanaaq, later, in the fog.

The Danish supply ships reach Qaanaaq.

The hunting camp of Qeqertarsuaq, on Herbert Island. No, it's not the same as the Qeqertarsuaq to the south, near Nuuk, though with a name like that, you'd expect repeats.

Siorapaluk, the most northerly permanent settlement in the world, from the boat.


Iceberg near Siorapaluk - in fact, between us and Siorapaluk.

Steve and Henry after the Greenland field work.

Dynamite Bay, Cornwallis Island - near the Polar Shelf buildings.

Helen, one of the amazing Polar Shelf cooks.