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Again, all photos were taken by Steve, except (obviously) the ones with Steve in them. Those were taken by Henry. Meaning, of course, that the really nice ones were taken by Steve, and the not-so-nice ones? Not. At any rate, these have been resampled and cropped so that you don't have to wait forever. You should, upon seeing me, ask to see the actual prints. By the way, have you checked out last year's photos? They're still online, you know. Go back to my home page and look.

Map of the area.

Hangin' with the ambassadors at Resolute. (L to R: Steve, India, Parks Canada, "McGill girl", Kieran, Honduras, Henry, Austria, the Netherlands, Gabon, Bahamas).

Cape Vera, northwest Devon Island.

Our helicopter and Bill the pilot at Camp Truelove, northern Devon.

Cloud-shrouded cliffs of south Ellesmere.

Tree, only an inch tall but probably quite old, at Croker Bay, south Devon.

Cliffs of south Devon.

Sea ice, Lancaster Sound.

A whole pod of beluga whales - Marineland is for chumps.

Bill the pilot on giant rafted blocks of ice, north Devon.

Mother bear and cubs, east Devon.

From high in the Cunningham Mountains, southeast Devon.

Again in the Cunningham Mountains.

Receding glacier, Devon Island.

Advancing glacier, Devon Island.

Our helicopter at a site on Eastern Glacier, north Devon.

Bear in full gallop on the ice of east Devon.

Closeup of the bear above.

Weird flowers, about 10cm tall, Croker Bay.

A muskox that wandered near the airstip at Grise Fiord.

Arctic poppies pre-bloom, Grise Fiord.

A muskox on Philpots Island.

Abandoned buildings near Resolute Bay.

Narwhals, east Devon. Apparently they like hanging out with belugas. Who knew?