About RBApp


RBApp is a radiobiology calculator that automatically calculates BED (biologically effective dose) and EQD2 (equivalent dose in 2 Gy fractions).

RBApp stands for RadioBiology Application and is a web application for Apple iOS (including iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®) and a standalone program for Android™ and BlackBerry® mobile devices. It is also available as a generic desktop Web Application.

Access RBApp now:

  1. RBApp (Apple iOS)

  2. RBApp (Web App)

  1. Dose-Fractionation (Web App)

Download RBApp:

  1. Google Play (Android™ Market)

  2. BlackBerry® App World™

Current version: 1.5

March 2015

What is RBApp?

Who is RBApp for?

RBApp may be useful for learners in radiation oncology, including medical students, residents, physicists, therapists, and oncologists.

To learn more about radiobiology, users are referred to the following references:

Radiobiology for the Radiologist - Hall & Giaccia

    ISBN-13: 978-1608311934, 7th edition

Basic Clinical Radiobiology - Van der Kogel & Joiner

    ISBN-13: 978-0340929667, 4th edition

How do I get RBApp?

RBApp is available for FREE through the following links:

Web application

    Apple iOS: rb2.dtsang.ca

    Generic web app: rb1.dtsang.ca

    Equivalent dose-fractionation: rb3.dtsang.ca

Downloadable application

    Android: Google Play (Android Market)

    BlackBerry®: BlackBerry® App World™

If you are unsure which version to use, check our Editions table.

Why is RBApp useful?

RBApp is a program that allows quick access to radiobiological calculations, right on your device! Keep in mind, however, that the results of calculations are for educational purposes only, and should not be used for clinical decision making.

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