About RBApp

What is RBApp?

RBApp stands for RadioBiology Application and is a web application. This web application allows quick access to radiobiological calculations, right on your device or computer. Keep in mind, however, that the results of calculations are for educational purposes only, and should not be used for clinical decision making.


To use this program, input numbers into two of three of the fields: Total dose, number of fractions, dose per fraction. The program will automatically calculate the third value. A alpha/beta ratio is also required. Classically, a value of α / β = 10 is used for tumours and α / β = 3 for normal tissues.

Basic Mode (default)

The default mode allows you to calculate BED and EQD2 from knowledge of the following parameters:

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode will allow you to calculate all values from knowledge of at least three of the following parameters:

Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal information when you use this webpage or app.

Known issues (last updated May 2013):

  1. Links at bottom of main page may not work when page is added as a web app to iOS devices.