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While you're on the flight, you may see a lot of postmodern virtual pets flying outside. If you wish to examine them in details, you may do so by clicking them.

There are many different types of virtual pets in our postmodern world today. This list includes pet rock, Cyborg, Tamagochi, Poo-chi, desktop fish tanks, Robobear, electronic babies, E-pets (virtual dogs, virtual cats, virtual fish, virtual birds, virtual dinosaur, virtual fish tanks or a virtual aquarium), Dogz, Catz, Oddballz, Computer Petz, Creatures, norns, TRex, YIPD, DK-96, Digital Kids, Date Kyoko, Kyoko Date, Yuki Usui, El-Fish, EcoSphere, AIBO, Giga Pets, Digital Doggie, Compu Kitty, Micro Chimp, Bit Critter, Aquazone, Chicknoch, Nano Pets, Happy House Virtual Hamster, Dinky Dino, Rakuraku Dinokun, Dinopet, Chickling, Furby, virtual reality, artificial life, physical virtual pets, computer virtual pets, Pokemon, and Pinkachu (

However, in this tour, we will only focus on some of the more popular ones, including pet rocks, Cyborg, Tamagotchi, desktop fish tanks, Robobear, electronic babies, and some of the major E-pets.

Hey, look!! Look!! Look!! Here comes a... on your left/right hand side...