Record # 36 (Sawyer 1446, dated 903)

[BL Add. 46204 frags.]

Soppan byrig.

In usses dryhtnes naman hlendes cristes. Ic werfer bisceop cye swa me alchun bisceop sgde and eac mine gewrytu wisodon. t mired bisceop gesealde eanbalde t land t soppanbyrg mid is bebode. and seoan eanbald hit sealde eastmunde and him bebead mired bisceop bebod on godes ealmihtiges noman and on re halgan rinesse t a hwile e nig man wre on hire mge e godcundes hades beon walde and s wyre wre t he onne fenge to am land t soppanbyrg. gif hit on hwt elles geselde t hit nfre on ldu hand ne wende. Ac hit seoan eode to am bisceop stole to weogornaceastre for heora ealra saule. Ond he a eastmund r his ende bebead on s lifgendan godes noman a men e to a lande fenge t he on on a ilcan wisan to fenge e mired bisceop be bebead. gif he on to an gedyrstig wre t he t abrce t he wiste hine scyldigne beforan godes heahsetle t am miclan dome. a fter eastmundes forsie bereafode seo mg s ilcan londes ge a gastas ara for gewitenra manna ge one bisceop and a cirecean t weogornaceastre. and heaberht biceop oft s myngode oe s landes bd. and seoan alchun bisceop for oft a wile e he ws. and eac ic werfer bisceop oft his bd. and we ne mihton to nanum wihte becuman r elred ws myrcna hlaford. a gesamnode he mercna weotan to saltwic ymbe mnigfealde earfe ge godes dles ge worolde dles. a sprc ic on a magas mid y erfegewritne and wilnade me rihtes. a beweddode me eadmo me and lfred and lfstan t hio oer ara dydon oe hit me ageafon oe in hira mge one man funden e to am hade fenge and to lande and me wre gehearsum for gode and for worolde. a eadno e t land hfde gebead hit ealre re mge hwer hit nig swa gegan wolde a ws lc s wordes t him leofre wre t he land foreode on he ne had underfenge. a gesohte he elred and elflde and eac elno unne ealra freond and heo ealle to me wilnodon t ic hine lte t me t land begeotan him to agenre hte swelcum erfewardum to syllenne swelce he wolde and ic swa dyde ealles swyost for hiora bene and he eac me gestalde feowertig mancesa. and ic a mid mira higna leafe t weogornaceastre him sealde t lond on ece erfe and a bec and t eastmundes erfegewrit and eac ure agen rdengewrit t wre him to am gerade t land to lten e mon lce gere gesylle fiftene scillingas clnes feos to tettanbyrg am bisceope and him eac one ne scrift healde. Ond ic eadno eac beode minum erfeweardum on godes lmihtiges naman t heo nfre is feoh gelitlin ah sien a m bisceope mid rihte holde and re heordene t weogornaceastre. god lmihtig a gehealde for bm lifun te unne t eos gerdnis stondon mote in ecnesse. and is syndon ara manna naman e t rednisse wron and t gewitnysse e her beneoan awritene syndon.

Ic wrfer bisceop mid minre agenre handa as sylene getrimme and gefstme.

beornfer presbyter. berhthelm. Eardwulf.

werfri presbyter. wigheard. beornfer.

berhthun presbyter. wulfred.

Tidbald presbyter. Cynehelm.

Oslac presbyter. wulfhun.