Record # 7 (Sawyer 1432, dated 822823)


[Cotton Nero E. i, pt. 2, fo. 182vBL Additional 46204 (complete folio, recto)]



CEOLVLF REX WILNADE S LANDES T BREMERgrafan to heaberhte bisceope and to his hirede . and a sende [BL Additional 46204] he his rendgewrit to wulfhearde to intebeorgan and het t he come to him and to m hirede . a dyde he swa . a hig him to spracon se bisceop and his witaN ymb t land t he his him geue t he mihte one freodom begiten . and a ws he eadmodlice ondetta t he swa wolde . and to him wilmende ws t hi him funden swylce londare swylce he mid arum on beon mihte . and his wic r on byri beon mihte on his life . a sende he monn to am arcebisceope and to eadberhte and to dynne . and him heht scgan t he wilnade s landes t intebeorgan . a se arcebisceop and eadberht hit wron rndiende to kininge . a com dynne to gelrde one king . t he his no gef ws . a ws higen and hlaforde lond unbefliten eghws . and syan a o his daga ende . gode gefultimendum :-