Record # 7 (Sawyer 1432, dated 822823)


[Cotton Tiberius A. xiii, fo. 9r]


(Note in right margin: Bremergrafan)

Ceolulf rex wilnade s landes t bremergrafan to heaberhte bisceope and to his higun and a sende he his rendwreocan to wulfhearde to intanbeorgum . and heht t he cuome to him and to m higum a dyde he swa a heo him to sprton se bisceop and his weotan ymbe t land t he his him geue t heo mehtan one freodom begeatan . and a ws he eadmodlice ondeta t he swa walde and to him wilniende ws tte heo him funden swylce lond are swylce he mid arum on beon mehte and his wic r on byrig beon mihte on his life . a sende he monn to m arcebisceope and to eadberhte and to dynne and him heht scgan t he wilnade s landes t intanbeorgan . a se rcebisceop and eadberht hit wran rndiende to cyninge a cuom dynne to gelrde one cyning t he his no gef ws . a ws higen and hlaforde lond unbefliten eghws and seoan a o his daga ende.