Record #30 (Sawyer 1556)


[Cotton Tiberius A. xiii, fo. 114rv]


is synd a landgemr into widiandune. rest of annaforda innan tilno andlang tilnoes to waclescumbe betweoh waclescumbe and ealden slde innan mnanlea fram mnanlea on horswege of horswege innan gatanstige anon innon denebroc of denebroce innon tilno andlong tilnoes to halganwyllan of re wyllan in hreodcumb anon in a mrdic. andlang re dic to cnictes ferwege of am wege on ealdan stanwege of stanwege on posecumbes heafdon and swa on su healf s mores to wohon c from re c ruh one sceagan on flodleah anon on beamweg fram am wege on buccansld and swa eft on beanweg andlang s weges to colesburnan forda from am forda innon cyrnea andlang ea to mrcumbe lang cumbes to lind ofres heafdan and swa to am fulanwege to nataleahes sce fram m sce to duddan heale fram am heale andlang mrweges to byrcres heale and swa to pican stapele of am stapule in catteshlinc fram am hlince innan mrbroc andlang broces to mrforda of am forda to sceapan ecge [fo. 114v] and swa on one grenanweg andlang weges to weallehes wege and anon on stanihtan weg to alre wyllan of alre wyllan to re ealdan dic andlang dic ofer huniburnan in a ore ealdan dic and swa in one mylen pol of am pole to re port strte andlang strte to am orne on annandune of re dune into annancrundele and swa fter strte in annanford.