Here is a package of three programs designed to ease the transition from Papyrus to Biblioscape by facilitating the importing of Papyrus Notecards into biblioscape using the facilities of the WordPerfect Wordprocesssing program.

They are:

You can download these here as a .zip file Download

What do each of these do:


Set up:


  1. Save the Papyrus records you want using a) RISOUTBS.FLB and b) ASCII with line breaks format; saved as "myfile.txt".
  2. Open "myfile.txt" text in WordPerfect.
  3. Run the macro.
  4. Save the document as an ASCII TEXT FILE with a new name "myfilenotes.txt".
  5. Import "myfilenotes.txt" into Biblioscape using the RIS_OUT_HPG.5.bif import filter.

Please let me know if these work or if you have problems. Mail to

Known Problems:

The .flb and .bif files were produced by Hugh Gunz.

The macros were designed and written by Martin Evans and Hugh Gunz.