Fateh Singh

Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering, 3rd year
University of Toronto
Email address : fateh.singh@mail.utoronto.ca

Hey there! Welcome to my online portfolio.

My name is Fateh Singh. I'm a third year computer engineering student at the University of Toronto.
This is my first time working with HTML. My portfolio was created with the use of HTML and CSS and a little bit of javascript to track the visitors and to play Angry birds game. I also used Galleria tool to display pictures and videos. I have working experience in C, C++, Java, Python, Assembly and Verilog. I have also worked with Django, Celery and Appache2. The reason why I made this online portfolio was to learn HTML which is among one of the most essential languages.

Here is the list of the few courses I took during the first two years that are related to my field of study.
These are the courses that I will be taking during my third and fourth year.
If you would like to check the projects that I worked on then click on the Projects tab on the top. The Links tab contains links to the source codes of some of the projects that I worked on and some other things that I use very often. The Gallery tab contains some of my pictures and videos that I like. The Angry Birds tab contains the Angry birds Rio game. Have fun playing it.

Thanks for visiting. And don't forget to email me if you have any questions or any suggestions about my website.

This website was made in 2013.

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