Yiftach Fehige


Victoria College

University of Toronto

91 Charles Street West

Toronto, Ontario  M5S 1K7


ph: 1-416-946-5024

yiftach [dot] fehige [at] utoronto [dot] ca

I am a philosopher and a theologian with an appointment for the field of Christianity and Science at the University of Toronto’s Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology.

In accordance with my interdisciplinary training, I have developed a quite diverse research portfolio. I have been working on the metaphysics of human sexuality, the rationality of theism, the Christian-Jewish dialogue, and thought experiments. My teaching reflects these diverse research interests but focuses primarily on topics concerning the relation between science and religion, Christianity in particular.

I came to Canada in 2006 from Germany after a number of years in Israel. In 2012 I became a Canadian Citizen. When not worrying about the complex relationship between science and religion or the mysteries of human sexuality, I very much enjoy doing sports (jogging, karate, skiing, tennis). My partner and I married In 2009, and since then we have been on an exciting journey to expand our family. The last addition are our twins, Magnus Amos and Yael Sara.