A Statement of Intentions

As I mentioned on the Main page I founded this page in order that 404 be found. Therefore my first goal is that all links and such on this sight remain up to date and active.

Another thing you may have noticed about this sight is that it uses text exclusively, there are three reasons for this, the first is that I have not bothered to learn all that much HTML, the second is that I hate waiting for images to load, and finally I dislike the idea of using images not my own.

My third goal in providing this webpage is to actually, generate some content and have regular updates. So far I have not been very successful, but so that you can gauge my progress I put those little Last updated signs at the bottom. In an attempt to further this goal I have added an update page.

My final goal is to create a site accessible by anyone, and of good quality. Therefore please point out any technical mistakes (spelling, HTML etc.) and inform me of any problems with my site (not loading properly, dead links etc.). I have started using the markup validation service here, so hopefully that will help.


Reach me at allan.olley@utoronto.ca.

Last Updated September 27th, 2005.