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After discussions in the newsgroups over cats and dogs I had an idea to create sets of 8 virtues for cats and dogs. Since we have Brittanian virtues and Gargoyle and Dragon virtues, I thought we should have a look at the virtues in some of our animal friends.

The three principles of Cat virtue are:

Self-Reliance the ability to survive on ones own.

Bravery the ability to face the unknown and conquer fear.

Curiosity the desire to explore and discover things about the world.

From Self-reliance alone comes: Independance, the ability and desire to fend for oneself.

From Bravery alone comes: Chutzpah , the ability and desire to face and conquer ones fear.

From Curiosity alone comes: Inquisitiveness,the desire to understand the world.

From Self-reliance and Bravery comes: Integrity,the ability to stand up and do what you think is right.

From Self-reliance and Curiosity comes: Cunning,the ability to solve problems and plan.

From Bravery and Curiosity comes: Adventurousness,the desire to explore the world and find new things.

From Self-reliance,Bravery and Curiosity comes: Tolerance, the ability to accept other points of view and newsituations.

Apart from Self-Reliance,Bravery and Curiosity but essential is: Wisdom,the knowledge of what one should and should not do for yourown sake and that of others.

The sum of all the Virtues and Principles is: Learning,knowing about and adapting to any situation.

Examples of virtueous Cats from fiction: Kao K'o Kung aka Koko from the "Cat Who" series by Lilian Braun.

The three princeples of Dog Virtue are:

Love,the ability and desire to care for your fellow creatures and yourself.

Obedience,the ability and desire to follow the orders and dictates ofthose people and things you deem worthy.

Endurance,the ability to survive and endure in the face of hardship.

From Love alone comes: Affection,the ability and desire to show ones love.

From Obedience alone comes: Discipline,the ability to control ones desires for the greater good.

From Endurance alone comes: Strength,the ability to stand up to whatever comes your way.

From Love and Obedience comes: Respect,taking into account others needs and wants, as well as your own (self-respect).

From Love and Endurance comes: Sacrifice, the ability and desire to suffer for your fellow beings and what you believe in.

From Obedience and Endurance comes: Determination, the ability to keep trying at your goals until you succeed.

From Endurance,Obedience and Love comes: Loyalty, dedication to ones goals, principles and fellow beings.

Apart from Love,Obedience and Endurance but vital to them: Insight,the ability to know right from wrong and who to trust.
The sum of all these principles and virtues is: Purpose, following ones correct path through existence.

Examples of virtueous dogs from fiction: The dog with no name from Movie or TV show "The Littlist Hobo". Lassie, from movies or TV shows of the same name.

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