Yosh Halberstam
University of Toronto
Department of Economics

Contact Information

University of Toronto
Department of Economics
150 St George Street, 311
Toronto, ON M5S 3G7

+1 (416) 978-4537


Yosh Halberstam, Assistant Professor

PhD, Economics, Northwestern University, 2011
MA, Economics, Northwestern University, 2008
BA, summa cum laude, Economics, Hebrew University, 2006

Fields of Specialization

Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics

Curriculum Vitae



I leverage economic theory, big data, and econometric techniques to study polarization in politics and to shed light on structural disadvantages of out-groups in the workplace.

My current work using Twitter and US election data focuses on the effects of election outcomes on information polarization in the electorate and subsequent election outcomes.

In a separate set of projects, I use voice samples from US Supreme Court litigators and lawyers at top-100 US law firms to study the role of norms and use of adaptive behaviours by out-groups in the workplace. Another project using administrative data examines the effect of pay transparency laws on pay gaps between worker groups in Canadian universities.