Hamed Samadi, PhD

Assistant Professor,

Department of materials science and engineering

Science and Research Branch

Islamic Azad University

Email: hamed.samadi@utoronto.ca



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Hamed Samadi, 37, received his BSc in Ceramics Engineering from Iran University of Science & Technology in 1997, his MSc from Materials and Energy Research Center in 1999 in the same field and his PhD in 2009 from University of Toronto.  His theses at both BSc and MSc levels were based on refractory castables. Before entering PhD program in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto, he was working in some of the biggest and most famous refractory companies in Iran. He joined the University of Toronto in 2003. His thesis is entitled "An alternative thermal barrier coating for diesel engines."  His research interests include mechanical properties of ceramics, thermal-sprayed coatings, numerical modeling in materials science, mullite ceramics and solid oxide fuel cells.

The father of two, Hamed enjoys reading books (especially history and persian poetry), blogging, photography, sports and travelling in his leisure time. 


-         Ceramic/Metal composites

-         Cermaic/Metal TBC for diesel engines

-         Mullite coating using PEO

Journal papers:

·         H.R. Salimi Jazi, M. Hosseini, J. Mostaghimi, L. Pershin, T.W. Coyle, H. Samadi and A. Shafyei, “Plasma sprayed coating using mullite and mixed alumina/silica powders” J. Therm. Spray Technol. (2012) http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11666-012-9766-x.

·         H. Samadi, L. Pershin, T. W. Coyle, “Effect of In-flight Particle Properties on Deposition of Air Plasma Sprayed Forsterite”, Surf. Coat. Technol. 204 (2010) 3300-3306 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.surfcoat.2010.03.042

·         H. Samadi, T. W. Coyle, “Modeling the Build-Up of Internal Stresses in Multilayer Thick Thermal Barrier Coatings”, J. Therm. Spray Technol., 18 5-6 (2009) 996-1003 http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11666-009-9396-0.

·         H.Samadi “Use of Steel Fibers in Refractory Industry”, Am. Ceram. Soc. Bull. 82 3 (2003) 39-42.

·         H.Samadi “The Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Physical Properties of Castables”, Interceram 52 5 (2003) 290-294.

·         H.Samadi “The Effect of Microsilica Addition on Iranian Based Chamotte Castables”, The Refractories Engineers, 9 (2002) 14-17.

Conference proceedings:

·         H.R. Salimi Jazi, M. Hosseini, A. Shafyei, H. Samadi, L. Pershin, T.W. Coyle, J. Mostaghimi, “Study of plasma sprayed mullite coating using mullite and a mixture of alumina and silica powder particles” Proceedings of the 2011 Intl. Therm. Spray Conf. (2011), Hamburg, Germany.

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·         H. Samadi, T. W. Coyle “Alternative Thermal Barrier Coatings for Diesel Engines”, Proceedings of the 5th Congress of Iran Ceramic Society (2004), Tehran, Iran.

·         H. Samadi, F.Golestani Fard “The Effect of Fiber Addition on Low Cement Castables”, Proceedings of UNITECR ’03 (2003) Nagoya, Japan.

·        H. Samadi “The Effect of Fiber Addition on Operating Time of Metallurgical Furnaces”, Refractory Workshop, IUST (1998).