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So a little information about myself, I am an Engineering student at U of T, in the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering. I'm in this program because everything around you is made of materials. From the keyborad you are typing, chair you are sitting, clothes you are wearing, house you are living, to the monitor you are staring (unless you have a holographic monitor). Since materials is the physical essence of everything, then there must be MONEY involved. But lets talk less of my eduaction, and more about me...

Umm.. I play guitar, bass guitar, and learning drums. I wished I'd learned piano too. I'm a/an (self-proclaimed) artist because I draw and make art. I enjoy making 3D art more than 2D art. When I draw in two-dimensions, I would like to have some relevancy to three-dimensions. Moreover, I like to use my hands and make things in three-dimensional space. That being said, I very much enjoy architecture, and designing things in R3 space, with elements of dynamics, such as the Sun and Wind (an maybe trees), incorporated into them. Afterall, a human being is living and dynamic, so should a living space.

That was just some thoughts on architecture. So more about me, I was born in Hong Kong, under British rule, on the great land of China. Went to “Duk Fok” kindergarden, Benting and Best, Arbor Glen, Don Mills Middle School, Don Mills Collegiate Institute, (now) University of Toronto, (prospective) McGill for Masters of Architecture.

I recently joined U of T's solar car team and had the privilege of participating in the Panasonic World Solar Challenge. I went to Australia and drove across the desert with a team of 11 people. So now that I'm back in Toronto, I am now the Array lead (one in charge of the solar panel). Exciting.

. Blue Sky Solar Racing Home Page .

Link to my brother's Web page (you will find that his is more practical but mine is much nicer) You should pay me to write your website man!
Link to my sister's personal page she only has msn personal space because McGill doesn't want to give her a personal space.

. Link to my Most Awesome Summer Group of 2008 .

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