Herb Goltz, PhD



Assistant Professor

Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

University of Toronto


Associate Member

Institute of Medical Science

University of Toronto




Project Investigator

Program in Neuroscience & Mental Health

Research Institute

The Hospital for Sick Children





Associate Director

Eye Movement and Vision Neuroscience Laboratory

The Hospital for Sick Children





Vision Science Research Program

Toronto Western Research Institute

University Health Network





Collaborative Program in Neuroscience

School of Graduate Studies

University of Toronto



Contact Information:


Dr. H.C. Goltz

Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Room 8532 Gerrard Wing

The Hospital for Sick Children

555 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8



Phone: 416-813-7654 x202640

FAX: 416-813-5159




herb.goltz at utoronto.ca


herb.goltz at sickkids.ca



Research Interests:




Eye/hand coordination

Eye movements & vestibular function

Chromatic pupillometry

Parietal cortex

Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)



Research Funding:


Co-Investigator: CIHR Operating Grant (2010-2013):

The motor side of amblyopia

A.M.F. Wong (PI), H.C. Goltz, E. Niechwiej-Szwedo, D. Tweed ($431,000 over 3 years).


Co-Investigator: CIHR Operating Grant (2008-13):

“Timing of surgery for crossed eyes in infancy: a clinical evaluation of sensory and motor outcomes”

A.M.F. Wong, PI, H.C. Goltz, G. Mirabella ($478,500 over 5 years))


Principal Investigator: CNIB Baker New Researcher Fund (2008-2009):

“Brain mechanisms of vision in amblyopia: a magnetoencephalography (MEG) Study”

H.C. Goltz, F. Cortese, A.M.F. Wong, D.O. Cheyne ($35,000 over 1.5 years)





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Last update: June 16, 2015