Terence Fay

History of Religion

at Toronto School of Theology/UT

for St. Augustine's Seminary

and the University of St. Michael's College


"Professor Fay is by far one of the best professors

I've had at this university."

Welcome to History Haven!

Those who do not know the past are bound to repeat it. Knowing history helps us to look with wisdom to the future. Come and take a course on our history so that we can learn our own identity.

In the classroom the attitudes of Anglo-Canadians are examined as they progress from Anglo-Celtic Calvinism to Canadian secular multiculturalism.

The Christian evangelization of Canada began in the 17C, and Samuel de Champlain expanded this adventure to the far corners of Canada from sea to sea to sea.

By the twentieth century, the French, Irish, and Scots had interfaced with the Aboriginals, Europeans, and Asians.