About Touboa
In this section, I should have info about me, the website, contact information like my email, icq and guestbook. I should also set up something to house the general links that aren't really associated with anime. Then I also have to somehow connect the anime links to links in this section. Yelp!

If you wish to contact me:
My email [patricia.hon@utoronto.ca]

The website:
This website was created using 100% notepad. Sometimes those html editors restrain me so much that it's like working with boxing gloves on. And of course, I'm trying to keep my html skills above the zero level. Using most (not all) editors make one lose contact with the scripting. Dreamweaver, though, I liked. But I don't have it on the computer right now, so I'm sticking with the basics for now.

I plan on making or asking someone to make original graphics for me. This will take some time. But if I scan a doodle, it will take less time, so what do you say? ;)

Little bit about me:
Hello all! My name is Patricia ---. I live in ---, Canada. I love anime. I'm hooked on just about anything except I don't like hentai animes or those really gruesome animes like the ending of Evangelion. There's just so much that a person can handle. You can find out more about the animes I like in the Anime section.

Besides anime, I like to read when I have time. If you find me during the summer time, I'm catching up on some literature. I found out this summer that I adore Jane Eyre. That book is just wonderful! I cannot believe I missed out on it for 17 years.

In grade 11, I did really well in physics. So from now on, I like physics. Physics, physics, PHYSICS! Unfortunatly, I am not naturally adept in this science. I have the dark circles under my eyes to prove it. One would think physics and algebra and geometry, since they have a lot in common, would both be of the same difficulty. But algeo (my shortened form of A&G) is so very much harder than physics. I hope I never have to study algeo intensively again! I did so awfully on my English exam. Now it is decided. I don't like English, Chemistry or French. I'm only good for Physics.

My friend, GhostJ writes fantastic fanfictions! They're so funny and insane. I will have to get her to put them up somewhere for me to link to them. In one of them, we run rampant in animeland where we kidnap all the bishies in our Bishiballs. *Hehehe*

Websites. I enjoy making websites. I have not made one in about a year, so this website is letting me stretch out those old muscles again. I don't have photoshop on this computer so the original images are sort of, how do you say, non-existant. But I will try to make up for it sometime.

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