SAVELYEV (Saveliev, Savel'ev) Igor

Affiliation and official address :

Energenius Center for Advanced Nanotechnology -ECAN - University of Toronto, Haultain Building , 170 College St, Toronto , Ontario , M5S 3E3 Canada

Phone: 1(416) 978-8404
1(416) 946-8072

FAX: 1(416) 978-3801


Date and place of birth :

1959 October 13, Leningrad , USSR (now St.-Petersburg Russia )

 Marital status:

married, have 2 children


Ph.D. in Physics from A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute (1989). Thesis devoted to the Experimental investigation of the quantum coherent effects in two-dimensional electron gas.

Graduated from Radio-Physical Department, Leningrad Politechnical Institute 1982 (now St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University ); Master thesis devoted to the Volt-ampere characteristic of the inhomogeneous p-n junctions.




Energenius Center for Advanced Nanotechnology (ECAN) University of Toronto ,

Toronto , Ontario , Canada

Research Associate


2002-up to now

Laboratorio de Fisica de Sistemas Pequenos y Nanotecnologia Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas,

Madrid , Spain

Research Associate




St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

St.-Petersburg , Russia




A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Science,

St.-Petersburg, Russia

Head of Laboratory



A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Science,

St.-Petersburg, Russia

Senior Researcher



A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, USSR Academy of Science,

Leningrad , USSR




A.F.Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, USSR Academy of Science,

Leningrad , USSR

Research Assistant




Solid State Physics. Electronic Properties of the Low-Dimension Structures.
Transport Experiment. Nanophysics. High-speed optical experiment. MBE growth of A3B5 nanostructures.


Total number of scientific publications: 136 (full list)

- Number of the papers in refereed journals: 73

- Number of communications to scientific meetings: 60

- Inventions: 4

Scientific Experience.

Have 20 years varied experience in experimental studying of the fundamental and applied aspects of quantum and classic transport in different materials, heterostructures, barrier structures, high temperature superconductors and molecular clasters - fullerenes. Worked in the closed contact with technologists growing complicate semiconductor structures. Main researches focused on low temperature quantum coherent and heating effects in conductivity of the low dimensional electron gas. Results of these investigations allowed to develop the methods for studying of inelastic scattering and properties of heterointerface in selectively doped heterostructures AlGaAs/GaAs and In 0.53Ga 0.47As/InP by quantum transport analysis. Latest interests are spin-dependent collective phenomena in nanostructures: spin-orbit interaction in weak localization regime; exchange interactions electrons on Landau levels (joint work with Grenoble Scientific Center in very low temperature (15 mK) and high magnetic field up to 28T) and Wigner crystallization in nonideal structure. The spin dependent transport and Ballistic Magnetoresistance in the feromagnetic nanocontact have been investigated at the last years in CSIC Madrid. During this work the experience in the STM measurements and in the time resolved (ps-range) optical experiments have been gained. Have experience in the mounting and operating of the low temperature He3 and dilution refrigerator setup (in Ioffe Institute and in the Low Temperature Laboratory CRTBT CNRS in Grenoble, UofT) and made experiments at very low magnetic field <0.1mT as well as at very high magnetic fields up to 30T (at the hybrid magnet in the High Magnetic field Laboratory Max Plank Institute in Grenoble). Since 2003 working under nanostructure growth using Molecular Beam Epitaxy.

Teaching experience.

During long time, parallel with scientific investigations I provided supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate student’s researches. More than 10 students prepared their diploma works and thesis under my supervision. As a lecturer I read University course: “Physics of Low-dimensional Semiconductor Structures” in Technical University . Occasionally I provided physics and mathematics tutoring for high school students.

Hobby :

diving, scuba diving, spearfishing