Published Textbooks

Elements of Photonics

"In sixteen chapters in two volumes, Elements of Photonics by Keigo Iizuka exhibits his passion for teaching the facts about light, the devices with which one controls it, and the mathematics by which to express its behavior. The book has careful definitions and step by step explanations beautifully illustrated. It builds its mathematical parts on a basic knowledge of Maxwell's equations and the Fourier transform which the reader is assumed to possess; however, the mathematical exposition never loses touch with the laboratory, and explanations in terms of basic geometry are offered side by side with the more mathematical exposition." --John M. Myers, Harvard

Engineering Optics

Engineering Optics is a textbook for physics students who want to apply their knowledge of optics to engineering problems, as well as for engineering students who want to acquire the basic principles of optics. It covers such important topics as optical signal processing, holography, tomography, holographic radars, fiber optical communication, electro- and acousto-optic devices, and integrated optics (including optical bistability).







Engineering Optics

The expanded third edition of Engineering Optics will be available in February 2008. Inspired by the rapid growth in 3D imaging, Chapter 16 on 3D imaging was added, which starts with a brief historical introduction of 3D imaging from the ancient Greek era to modern times. The chapter then expands on basic principles of thirteen different types of 3D displays. The errata of the second edition of Engineering Optics, which were previously published on my website, have been corrected in this edition.