1.         Personal


Eva-Lynn Alicia Jagoe   

Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese

Centre for Comparative Literature

University of Toronto

            Toronto, ON, M5S 1K7


2.         Degrees


            PhD, English Literature (1998)                       Duke University         

Dissertation: “Geotemporal Allegories:  Perception and the Racialized Other in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Latin America.”  

Supervisors:  Alberto Moreiras and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.


MA, Critical and Cultural Theory  (1990)       University of Wales, College of Cardiff 


BA, English Honours (1989)                          McGill University      



3.         Academic Employment


o   Cinema Studies Graduate Appointment (February 2011 to present)


o   Director of Latin American Studies (July 2009-2010)


o   Associate Professor of Spanish and of Comparative Literature (September 2009 to present)


o   Assistant Professor of Spanish and of Comparative Literature (September 2006 to 2009)


o   Lecturer in Literature and Film, Latin American Studies Program Member, University of Essex (2004-2006)


o   Assistant Professor of Spanish and of Comparative and World Literature

                        Latina/Latino   Studies Affiliate

                        Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Affiliate

                        Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory Affiliate

                        University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2001-2004)


o   Instructor of Spanish, Instructor of English, Franklin and Marshall College (1998-1999)


4.         Honors


Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Faculty Fellowship, University of Illinois (2002-2003)


5.         Professional Affiliations and Activities


o   Evaluator: Catalan Review (2011)

o   Evaluator: Bucknell University Press (2009)

o   Evaluator: SSHRC (2009)

o   Evaluator: Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos (2007 to present)

o   Evaluator: Routledge (2007)

o   Evaluator: University of Toronto Quarterly

o   Evaluator: Mediations

o   Evaluator: Bulletin of Hispanic Studies

o   Evaluator: Studies in Travel Writing

o   Evaluator: Liverpool University Press

o   Member: Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

o   Member: American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA)

o   Member: Modern Languages Association (MLA)




6.         A. Research Awards


Chancellor Jackman Research Fellow (2011-12).


Connaught New Staff Matching Grant, University of Toronto (2009), $5000


The Susan Treble Trick and the Mary Treble Currelly Travelling Scholarship, Victoria College, University of Toronto (2009) $3400


SIG Award, Dept. Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto (2008) $2350


            Victoria College Conference Grant, University of Toronto (2006) $1500


            Connaught Start-Up Award, University of Toronto (2006) $10,000


William and Flora Hewlett International Research Travel Grant, University of Illinois (2004) $1500


Research Board Grant, University of Illinois (2004) $2142


Humanities Travel Research Grant, University of Illinois (2003) $1500


Travel Research Grant, U.S Department of Education (2003) $1500


Research Board Grant, University of Illinois (2003) $4720


Travel Research Grant, U.S Department of Education (2002) $3700


Research Board Grant, University of Illinois (2002) $1500


Course Development Grant for Latina/Latino Studies, University of Illinois (2001) $5000



C.        Scholarly and Professional Work


7.         Refereed Publications


A.            Book


The End of the World as They Knew It:  Writing Experiences of the Argentine South. Bucknell University Press, March 2008. 240 pp



Studies in Travel Writing, 14.3, 2010.

Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos, 33.3, 2009.


B.             Articles


“An Act of Listening in Ricardo Piglia’s Plata quemada.Revista Hispánica Moderna 62.2 (December 2009), 143-162.


“Buenos Aires and the Aesthetics of Defamiliarization.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 17.3 (December 2008). 299-315.


 Promesas de ruina: La ciudad y el desencuentro en Boca de lobo de Sergio Chejfec.” Forthcoming in La Torre 2009. 11 pp


“Degrading Forms of Pantomime:  Englishness and Shame in De Quincey.” Studies in Romanticism 11 (Spring 2005): 23-40. 


“Familial Triangles:  Eduarda Mansilla, Domingo Sarmiento, and Lucio Mansilla.” Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos 30.2, (March 2005): 507-523.


“Pace and the Pampas in Argentine Travel Narratives.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 81.2 (2004): 361-377.


“Las herencias colombianas:  Corporealidad y colonización en la obra de Jorge Isaacs.”  Cuadernos Americanos 102.6 (2003): 144-62.


“Patagonian Peripheries.”  Studies in Travel Writing 7 (2003): 29-45.


“The Disembodied Machine:  Matter, Femininity, and Nation in La ciudad ausente.”  Latin American Literary Review 23.44 (1995): 5-17.


C. Chapters


“‘A través de un cristal:’ The Representation of Patagonia in César Aira’s La liebre.Patagonia: Myths and Realities. Edited by Fernanda Peñaloza, Jason Wilson, and Claudio Canaparo. Bern: Peter Lang Publishers, 2010. 215-36.


“Asociaciones afectivas: literatura y política en la Argentina del siglo diecinueve” in Entre hombres Masculinidades del siglo XIX en América Latina. Ed. Ana Peluffo and Ignacio Prado. Madrid/Frankfurt: Iberoamericana/ Vervuert, 2010, 109-122.


“Vibraciones encarnadas en La niña santa de Lucrecia Martel.” Co-authored with John Cant. In El cine argentino de hoy: entre el arte y la política. Ed. Viviana Rangil. Buenos Aires: Editorial Biblios, 2007. 169-190.


 “‘The Visible Horizon Bounds Their Wishes’:  Seclusion and Society in Fanny Calderón de la Barca’s Postcolonial Mexico” in Imperial Objects:  The Colonial Emigration of Victorian Women, ed Rita S. Kranidis.  Twayne Publishers, 1997.  170-89. 



8.         Non-Refereed Publications


A.             Museum Catalog Article


“Jorge Macchi’s Fractured Narratives of Buenos Aires.” In Light Music. AHRC Research Centre for Studies of Surrealism and its Legacies,  University of Essex, 2006. 47-63.


B.        Book Reviews


Stephen Hart, A Companion to Latin American Film , Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos 31.3, Spring 2007, 527-8.


Marzena Grzegorczyk, Private Topographies: Space, Subjectivity, and Political Change in Modern Latin America. New York: Palgrave, 2005.  In Revista de estudios hispánicos, 40.3, Oct 2006. 586-7.


Claire Lindsay, Locating Latin American Women Writers.  Cristina Peri Rossi, Rosario Ferré, Albalucía Angel and Isabel Allende. New York: Peter Lang.  2003.  In Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 82:6, Sept 2005. 865-6.


Silviano Santiago, The Space In-Between:  Essays on Latin American Culture.  Durham:  Duke University Press, 2001.  In Bryn Mawr Review of Comparative Literature, 3. 2 (Fall 2002). 4pp



9.         Manuscripts/Publications in Preparation


A.            Books

Too Much: The Time of Reading, The Time of Psychoanalysis. Self-authored book to be completed in 2012.


B.             Articles



“‘Los efectos raros’ de W.H. Hudson en la literatura argentina” To be published in Entre Borges y Conrad: Estética y territorio en W.H. Hudson. Edited by Leila Gómez and Sara Castro-Klarén.



10.       Papers Presented at Conferences


A.    Refereed


“Long and Slow.” American Comparative Literature Association in Vancouvers, April 2011.


La naturaleza, los indígenas, y el inconsciente óptico en el cine mudo argentino.” Latin American Studies Association in Toronto, September 2010.


“’Unafraid of the Odium’: Psychoanalysis and the Long Novel as Extended Form”. Literatures of Modernity Symposium, Ryerson University, Toronto, March 29, 2010.


“The Power of Electricity in the Argentine Novels of Roberto Arlt and Ricardo Piglia.” Utopian Studies Association in Toronto, October 2007.


“The Aesthetics of Experience.” Latin American Studies Association in Montréal, September 2007.


“The Singers’ Room: Sound, Electricity, and Torture.” American Comparative Literature Association in Puebla, Mexico, April 2007.


“Lucio V. Mansilla’s Manly Men.”  Modern Languages Association in Philadelphia, PA, December 2004.


“The Patagonian Andes in the Argentine Imaginary.”  Modern Languages Association in Philadelphia, PA, December 2004.


“The Desire for the Urban:  Cosmopolitan Affect in Buenos Aires.”  Latin American Studies Association in Las Vegas, NV, October 2004.


“Otros espacios, otros enlaces:  Argentina, Europa y ficciones femeninas.”  Latin American Studies Association in Dallas, TX, March 2003.


“Paracolonial Peripheries.” Latin American Studies Association in Washington, DC, September 2001.


“Allegories of Subaltern Geotemporality.” American Comparative Literature Association in Boulder, CO, April 2001.


“The Transatlantic Self and the Savage Other:  Metropolitan Identifications in Paracoloniality.” American Comparative Literature Association in Montreal, April 1999.



11.       Invited Presentations


“Memoria recobrada, tiempo perdido.” “Testimonio, memoria, transmisión.” Instituto del campo freudiano. Barcelona, Jan 10, 2011.


“Forma y temporalidad: la novela larga y el psicoanálisis.” Keynote. “Transformaciones culturales,” IV Congreso Internacional de Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 22-27 November, 2010.


 “Technologies of Extended Perception: Psychoanalysis and the Long Novel as Expanded Forms.” The Linda Hutcheon and J. Edward Chamberlin Lecture in Literary Theory, "Explosive Past, Radiant Future,” Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference, March 20, 2010.


“Forms of Silence in Argentine Film.” “The Intermedial City: Practices, Technologies, Imaginaries.” McGill University, Montreal, October, 2008.


“Buenos Aires and the Aesthetics of Defamiliarization.” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Birkbeck College, London, May 2006.


“Trajectories of Chance in Jorge Macchi’s Buenos Aires Tour.”  Centre for Latin American Cultural Studies.  University of Manchester, March 2006.


“Urban Mappings:  Ephemera and Experience in Buenos Aires.” Institute for Cultural Research.  University of Lancaster, January 2006.


“Argentine Cartographies of Convergence and Loss.”  Modern Languages Association in Washington, DC, December 2005 and University of Essex, November 2005.


“Southern Orientations.”  Patagonia:  Myths and Realities.  University of Manchester, September 2005.


“Travel and Gender.”  Goldsmiths College, University of London, Feb 2005.


“La temporalidad del sur en la obra de Perito Moreno y Charles Darwin.” Foro de Crítica Cultural, Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, April 2004.


“El ritmo de las pampas en las narrativas de viaje de Head y Mansilla.”  XIX Jornadas de Investigación, Instituto de Literatura Hispanoamericana, Universidad de Buenos Aires, March 2004.


“Argentines, Brits, Southern Spaces.”  Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities “The South” Conference, University of Illinois, April 2003.


 “Nineteenth-Century Argentine Discourse:  The Example of Sarmiento’s Facundo.” Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Brown Bag Series, UIUC, October 2003.


 “Argentine Travel Narratives:  Some Notes on Pace.” University of Illinois, November 2002.


“‘Falsos argentinos’: Borges, Hudson, Piglia y la criolledad.” Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literature, St. Louis, September 2002.


“Embodied Inheritances in Jorge Isaacs’ María.” University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Florida State University, Reed College. January-February 2000. 


Herencias incorporadas en María.” Tulane University.  January 2000.


“Geography, Ethnography, and Imagination in 19th c. British and Latin American Travel Texts.” Franklin and Marshall College.  March 1999.


“Perito Moreno and Charles Darwin: Mapping Time in Argentina.”  Emory University, University of Calgary.  February 1998.






12.       A. Undergraduate Courses Taught


            i. University of Toronto


            SPA220Y                    Intermediate Spanish

SPA375H                    Latin American Cinema

SPA381                       Nation, Identity, and Literary Modernism in Spanish America

SPA467                       Latin American Experimental Narrative

SPA490                       Recovering/Rediscovering Identity in Latin American Architecture

            LAS400                       Argentine Aesthetics in the Public Sphere



ii. University of Essex


LT121                                     Introduction to Film Studies

LT141                                     Introduction to Latin American Studies

LT207                                     World Cinema (Latin American component)

LT310/211                              Latin American Literature

LT354                                     English Novel and Beyond    

LT365                                     Cities of the Americas in Literature and Film



iii. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Spanish 242                Gender and Sexuality in Latina/Latino Culture (cross-listed Latina/o Studies)

Spanish 244                Jungle Imaginaries (cross-listed Comparative Literature)

Spanish 244                Representing Argentina (cross-listed Comparative Literature)

Spanish 254                Ideologies of Place

            Spanish 256                Latin American Women Writers 1875-2000

Spanish 256                Southern Cone Dictatorial Literature




B. Graduate Seminars Taught


i. University of Toronto


COL5099        “Circulations and Circumlocutions: Spacing Nineteenth Century Literature”

COL5094        “Forms of Critical Writing”

COL5074       “Reading Proust as Theory”

COL5085       “Proust and Modernity”

COL5059H     “Nature and Civilization in the New World”

COL5065H     “The Forms of Literature in the Age of Electricity”

SPA2951H      “Nineteenth-Century Spanish American Literature”

COL5072H     “Affinities: Readings of Realism and Radicalism”

SPA3000H      “The Aesthetics of Genre in Contemporary Argentine Culture”

COL1910H     “Borges and Narrative Trickery”



ii. Central European University, Budapest, Summer 2006.


"Culture as Resource: Culture and Democracy in the Global System." With Eric Cazdyn, Maria Elisa Cevasco, Prem Kumar Rajaram, Will Straw, Imre Szeman, and Erna von der Walde.


iii. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Spanish 442                “The South in Latin American Literatures,” (cross-listed Comparative Literature 471).

Spanish 340                “Representations of Space and Identity in Argentina 1810-2000.”   

Spanish 390                “Nineteenth-Century Spanish-American Literature.”



C. Gradual Doctoral Committees


Primary Supervisor


Jonathan Allan. In progress. “The Sexual Scripture: A Study of Virginity in Romance.” Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto.


Gina Beltrán. In progress. “The Violence of Performance on the Latin American Stage.” Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto.


Joe Culpepper. In progress. “Reception and Adaptation: Magic Tricks, Mysteries, Con Games.” Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto.


Sarah O’Brien. In progress. “Binding and Loosing: Posthumanist Movements in Contemporary North American Literary and Visual Culture.” Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto.


Catherine Schwartz. In progress.


Raquel Castellanos. In progress.


Darcy Gauthier. In progress.



Doctoral Committee Member


i.  University of Toronto


Pablo Pemeja. “Modernist Curiosities:  Desire, Knowledge and Literature in Gustave Flaubert’s Bouvard et Pécuchet, Elias Canetti’s Die Blendung and Jorge Luis Borges’s “El Aleph.” Defended Summer 2011.

Violeta Lorenzo. “El bildungsroman en el Caribe hispano.” Defended Spring 2011.

Natalia Cousté. Construcciones cartográficas: lindes y deslindes de la urbe barroca frente a tres ciudades latinoamericanas contemporáneas.” Defended Fall 2010.

León Berdichesky. “Distorted Historical Fictions of the Holocaust, the Chilean Dictatorship, and the Algerian War of Independence.” Defended Spring 2008.

Mario Boido. “De límites y convergencias: La relación palabra/imagen en la cultura visual latinoamericana del siglo veinte.” Defended Spring 2007.

Caroline Couillard. “Fin de Siècle and the Latin American City in Film and Literature.” Defended Spring 2008.


Ramiro Armas Austria. In progress.

Nelson Darío González. In progress.

Ximena Berecochea. In progress.

Ingrid Waisgluss. In progress.

Agnieszka Bijos. In progress.

Manuel Campirano. In progress.

Lauren Beard. In progress.


ii. University of Illinois:


Henry Morello.  “Masking the Past: Trauma and Memory in Latin American and Spanish Theatre.”  Defended Spring 2006.

Timothy Wilson, “Rocking the Regime:  The Role of Argentine Rock Music in a Changing Socio-Political Context (1970-85).  Defended Spring 2005.

Kathy Nofgster León, “Divorcing Tradition:  Marriage, Family and Female Homosociality in 20C. Puerto Rican Literature.” Defended Spring 2003.

Elisa Bartosik-Velez, “Articulations of Empire and the Nation:  Christopher Columbus in Nineteenth-Century Spain, Italy, the United States, and Spanish America.” Defended Spring 2003.

Johnny S. Presbitero.  “Hybridity in Manunaíma and La Malinche.” Defended Fall 2002.

Rosana Díaz Zambrana.  “De errabundos y nómadas:  la desarticulación del viaje en la literatura posmoderna latinoamericana.” Defended Spring 2002.


iii. University of Essex


Haifa Saud Alfaisal.  “Religious Discourse in Postcolonial Studies:  The Case of Hombres de maíz and of Bandarshah.



            External Examiner


Donna Fitzgerald, “Forgetting JB: Reading the Woman in Borges.” University of Nottingham. Spring 2005.

Emily Barker: “Patriarchy and Narrative:  The Racial Subject and the Gendered Object in Male-Authored Detective Fiction of the United States.” University of Essex.  2007-2008





13. A.  Service on Departmental Committees

Spanish and Portuguese:

Policy and Planning Committee, 2010-11.

PTR/Merit Committee, 2010-11

Graduate Advisory and Admissions Committee, 2007-08, 2009-10.

Research Committee, 2008-2010

Search Committee, 2008-9

Tenure and Promotion Committee, 2009-10, 2010-11.

Comparative Literature

Northrop Frye Speaker Committee, 2006-11.

Curriculum and Policy Committee, 2009-10.



  1. Service on Victoria College Committees


Senior Common Room & High Table Committee, 2007 -2009.

Academic Advisory Committee Victoria College. 2009-10

College Life Committee, 2010-11


      C.  University Service


            Director of Latin American Studies, 2009-10.

            LAS Advisory Committee, 2010-11.




14.       Professional Activities


Organizer, “Long Times, Slow Times” seminar, ACLA, Vancouver, April 2011.


Organizer, “Creating Affinities: 1810 and 1910 in Latin American Culture” symposium. University of Toronto March 6, 2010.


Organizer, “Elective Affinities: Nineteenth-Century Social Movements in Latin America,” for LASA, Rio, Brazil (2009)


Poetry reading, Octavio Paz, Consulate General of Mexico in Toronto and Latin American Studies. April 2008.


Respondent for Latin American Studies Research Day (March 24, 2008)


Treasurer: Latin American Studies Association’s Southern Cone Section (2007 to present)


Chair, Oral Defense, Dept of Art, Gillian Kaye Atkins, Ephemeral Installations: Contemporary Canadian Art in the Public Arena  (2007)


Organizer, “Technologies of the Modern” for ACLA, Puebla, Mexico (2007)


Assessor for Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Nayibe Bermúdez Barrios, “Examining Genre: Space and the Cultural Underpinnings of Lesbian Representation in Latin American Film.”


Reviewer, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Claire Lindsay, “Contemporary Travel Writing of Latin America.”


University Press Reader, Liverpool University Press, Routledge Press, Bucknell University Press.


Organizer, “Espacios de la violencia: Guerras y marginalidades en el siglo XIX” for LASA (March 2005)


Chair, “Urban Desires:  Demarcating Metropolitan Spaces in Latin/o America” panel for Latin American Studies Association (Autumn 2004)


Organizer, “The Space of Caribbean Diasporas,” American Comparative Literature Conference (2001)



15.           Curriculum Workshops Attended


Invited Participant in “Reconceptualizing Latin America: Curriculum Dissemination Workshop.” Tulane University, New Orleans, USA (Dec 9, 2006)